Disco dinosaurs on the gap of christmas (4)

December 10th, 2018 | Posted by Heath in Learning

The disco-Dinosaurs landed at the foot of an icy pond Daisy landed by them and they went to the shops to buy decorations but from a drain sprang Horlaf. “No Dino’s near…” he cackled as he ran towards their ship. He climbed inside and blasted off into space however the Dino’s spotted Horlaf and got on Daisy’s back and flew after him. AFTER 5-HOURS OF TRAVELING. They were reaching the end of the galaxy when the evil Dinosaur landed “Planet Chx354 a.k.a Santa’s workshop!” said the captain they saw Horlaf go into Santa’s workshop “Smash” shards of Christmas-spirit flew out in all directions “I see Horlaf… destroying Santa!” said the 2nd in command they all sprang down and they were there in enough time to see a Santasaur disappearing from his toes. The Dino’s found a child Elfasaur and asked it “Where is more spirit?” The elf replied “In us…” they learned the chief had lots of spirit and the 2nd in command had 1% less! They asked one of the elf’s if they’d sacrifise there self for Christmas the elf said yes as he WAS 2nd in command and the magic was restored! Horlaf was found and he was getting away! They chased after him on Daisy she bumped him and Crash he fell towards planet Stinky and then the captain called the ships of 333,333,333 super-secure space-ships to capture Horlaf and he went to Mega-Xel!

The end (read more in Disco-Dino’s ROBOT ROADS)

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