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November 9th, 2018 | Posted by Angus in Learning

angus: mom in the future i’m going to build a rocket.

mom: very funny angus.

megan: me to.

(40 years later he did build a rocket)

Angus: mwahahhahaahaahahha im going to destroy the world and make it mine and everybody will work for me.

megan me tooooo mwahahahahaahhhahaahahahha.

mom: i will stop you today from destroying earth.

angus: launch in 3 2 1  blastoff.

(but his mom stoped him from concering the world and making everybody his slave)

but when she stoped him the rocket had allready taken off but angus and megan stoped  the rocket from destroying earth.

so from this day he would be nice and he would never build a rocket or would he.

so he would go to birthdays.

the end. goodbye byebyebyebye.

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