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Once there was a girl called Danualle and she was amazingly greedy. It was insane and her mother tried to put her on a diet (It didn’t work). That day when she was coming home from school  she  went to the shop and bought 50(!) Cadbury’s cream eggs. Finally, she took her last egg out of the box, dribble coming out of her mouth when something changed, suddenly the egg started growing! It grew and grew until it was bigger than the 50 meter park! Squashed, against the railings, of the park Danualle could hear shouting and screaming…  


                                                                           DON’T BE GREEDY


Anna + Susan

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  • Mrs Skinner says:

    Oh, I love this story, Susan!
    It reminded me a little of Willy Wonka.
    You have put such great pictures in my mind. There is definitely a message here about eating healthily.
    Thank you so much for sharing your writing on !00WC this week!

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