Dragon Mainia the game…

June 11th, 2019 | Posted by Megan in Learning

” Where are we?” said Joe, ” It looks like your boring game!” shouted Sam. They wondered down a path that suddenly appeared out of no where. Sam and Joe felt stones on there bare feet as they carried on walking down the path. ” When will it end, I would have worn shoes if I’d known I was doing this, it hurts!” groaned Sam.” It doesn’t hurt if you walk on the grass beside it silly,” laughed Joe.” Mabey if we get to lev…” “NO!!” Shouted Sam.” Not that, please” persuaded Sam. Suddenly a sound of a Dragon was coming their way. ” Joe RUN!” squealed Sam. Joe paused for a second” I want to see it!” as the dragon got closer he immediately changed his mind and followed Sam, they ran back the way they came, however there was a wall in front of them. They where cornered by the mighty beast at the rocky cliffs above them.” Hello mates!” said the Dragon.” Yo-you can talk!” said Sam.” Oh yes, every Dragon in Dragon Mainia can talk like me,” exclaimed the Dragon.” D-do you know the way to Earth or out of this game?” said Sam.” Yes, however do you have any food like meat… I can’t hunt.” muttered the Dragon.” Well, I have a bit of ham,” said Sam.” Good, may I have it. If I have it and sprinkle magic dust on it, you will be home in bed before you know it. You must have a bit each,” said the dragon,” I don’t like ham!” shouted Joe.” Well you have to eat some if you want to get home,” explained the dragon.” Okay, I’ll eat some,” said Joe.” Good now eat!”(flash) They where home in bed like the Dragon had promised them.

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