Ella and her adventure

July 4th, 2017 | Posted by Susan in Learning

Once there was a girl called Ella and she was that type of girl who loved adventures. She had her own horse called Rolo who was all white ( and in the sun his coat turned golden) and a black cat called Lola. One early morning Ella woke up to find a bight, shimmering and golden sun.

Ella got up and washed, dressed and brushed her long blond hair (which she everyday put in a plait) and then got the gear she needed to go on a early morning ride. before she went to tack up Rolo she gave Lola a special treat because instead of putting Lola’s usual biscuits in her food bowl, she gave her a bit of tuna. Ella quickly ate her breakfast, tacked up Rolo and they were off!

It was a nice day therefore, Ella went on a longer ride that usual. She thought she new where she was going however, she took a right turn instead of a left turn. When she finally, realized that she had gone the wrong way she panicked and searched for the way back home.

As if time had fast forwarded, the sun was going down and Ella (exasperated, hungry and upset) dismounted Rolo and brought him to a stream where he could have a drink and nibble some grass. Suddenly out of the corner of Ella’s eye she spotted an icy bridge that was surrounded by the ocean. The bridge lead to a tall red lighthouse”Maybe I could stay in the lighthouse.” Ella murmured to know one in particular.

Off  Ella went leading Rolo on instead of riding him. Ella didn’t want to ride him because if he accidentally slipped…well…that wouldn’t be good. As Ella walked past the lamp post she expected it to turn on however it didn’t. Finally, she reached the red light house and she touched the rough wall. As soon as she touched it a faint glow appeared behind her. Ella reached to touch Rolo’s soft face then turned around…

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