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May 23rd, 2017 | Posted by Lucy in Learning

Suddenly they landed with a bump into a dragons cave, that was gloomy dark and scary.

Joe looked down and whispered to Sam “we have swords, what going to happen to us?”

“I think we have to fight a dragon” said Sam in a little voice.


“I dont want to fight a dragon” said Joe ” I am scarred”

“but we have to” said Sam “to get out of this game we have to fight the dragon”.


The boys set off through the cave, there was no sign of the dragon, they walked and walked and still nothing.

All of a sudden the red eye opened in front of them.

“HELP HELP HELP AAARRRGGGGGHHHHHH” said the boys as they started to run away in circles.

Dont go” said the dragon “I am lonely, I promise I wont hurt you ”

“we dont trust you” said Sam and Joe

“but please I am only lonely, I dont have any friends, they all think I am fierce, they all think I want to hurt them, I am not a mighty dragon I am kind and gentle”.

The boys stopped and looked at each other

“Thats why when one of you threw the game on the floor I used my magic to bring you to my world”

“I am sorry said Sam “but can you get us out of here?”

“I cant not until you say sorry for calling the game boring, if you only knew what a fun dragon I am”

“Ok show us” they said

Joe and Sam then spent the afternoon with the dragon, flying through the clouds running through the trees playing hide and see k in cave, and when it stared to get dark toasting marshmellows on the fire made by the dragon.

“I am sorry” said Sam, “you really are a fun dragon”

“thank you” said the dragon, ” now close your eyes, hold your nose and think of home”

Joe and sam done what the dragon said, suddenly they heard the fuzzy tv in the background, they could hear Joes sister crying.

“We are home” they said “Thank goodnes”

They pulled the game out of the computer.

“WE WONT EVER CALL YOU BORING AGAIN” they both said in a very loud voice.

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