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November 27th, 2017 | Posted by Lucy in Learning

One day there was a boy called Tom.

He went out for a walk in the woods and he found a mystreious door. Tom knocked on the door and no one answered, so carefully he opened the door, and he suddenly got teleaported, Tom was frightened so he closed his eyes.

When Tom opened his eyes he found himself in a random street in different country. He walked up the street and knocked on all the doors but no answered, he walked and knocked, and there was no one in. He kept walking and finally he came to the very last door in the street, he knoecked and someone opened the door.

The lady that opened the door said “Can I help you” “yes you can” said Tom. “Have you seen anyone walking around the streets, as I knocked on every door and you are the only one that was in”


“Oh yes do you wont to come in ”  “yes please  said   tom out of breathe ” . Do you wont any  thning to drink said the lady, tom said I would like a drink of water . tom drank his water but heared a child he said  do you have any childern he asked tom .yes I do I  have  two . you can go play with them if you wont to said the lady nicely to tom . thanks but no I might just talk  to you . they talked for hours .

Then tom said “i’ve got to go, thank you for the water” .  Tom walked all the way back do the street . he found the  door he in this countery . when he walked thougt the door and found his self back in the woods . then tom walked home and found that his mum had  made tea .

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