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February 6th, 2018 | Posted by Lucy in Learning

Steven and his friend James they walked down the dusty road . Suddenly, a door randomly opened.

They walked in and the house was very dusty ,  gloomy and dark . James was afraid of the dark . Come on James why are you not coning . i’ll tell you i don’t like the dark . James that is so odd I know  . I’ll go in if you go ok i’ll go in shouted James . fine i’ll go in i wont be a scaredy cat . Steven whispered come on catch up James . Steven wait up no why because I wont to go up those stairs ok i’ll catch up . then come  James did not like the way that Steven was talking to him . Steven i might dust leave you why i don’t like they you are taking me into this random house we don’t know who owns this . i’m leaveing . now by James walked to his house. Mum i don’t really like Steven why he’s does thing that i don’t like so i’m going round his tomorrow . Ok that’s fine .                                                                         

                                                                                               the end

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