Facts About Puppies.

May 10th, 2017 | Posted by Talia in Learning

Today I am going to type up some facts about puppies


1.Did you know puppies are born deaf,blind and toothless.

2.About 14 hours a day puppies sleep.

3.In three weeks puppies develop their sense of smell.

4.More than 5 million puppies are born in the United States every year.

5.During the first week of a puppies life,it spends 90% of its day sleeping and 10% eating.A lot of this growth happens in these first few weeks.

6.By the age of one, a  puppy is considered to be an adult.In human years,this is the equivalent of being 15.

Credit to  Puppies: Six Fun Facts | Trupanion | Pet Health & Care

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