Frozen Rescue

July 4th, 2017 | Posted by Erin in Learning

As I pulled hard on the cold handle, the truck door quickly swung open in the icy wind.I stepped out with my huge snow boots on, careful not to slip on the white shining ice. I could see now why we hadn’t heard from my grandpa for two days. The ice and snow on the jetty leading to the lighthouse hung like gleaming daggers from below. Huge shards of frozen ice were glistening in the evening sun, they looked like they might fall at any moment and stab the sea beneath. The jetty itself looked like a huge sea monster rising from the ocean, it’s legs covered in massive ice scales and its body in furry snow and frost. The sharp freezing wind suddenly caught my breath and I felt like my insides were being frozen. ” He is still in there Dad, isn’t he ?” I gasped reaching for my Fathers arm as he trudged up beside me. “I hope so squirt”, he said grabbing my hand. We edged slowly along the jetty watching for signs of life in the little frozen glass house right at the top of the lighthouse. Nothing moved and it felt eerily quiet apart from the sound of the sea lashing against the monsters legs.

As I stepped carefully behind my Father, I worried that this huge beast might suddenly retreat to the depths taking us with it. Is that what happened to Grandpa ? We finally reached the door of the lighthouse. The once red gleaming paint was now a dull pink, covered in a hard white covering of ice and snow , thicker in some places than others. My Father grabbed the handle of the lighthouse door and pulled ” Pa ?” he yelled , ” You in there?”. Nothing moved , the door was frozen solid. I banged frantically on the door with my fists and joined my fathers shouts “Grandpa, Grandpa, open up, open the door, its us !” , I bellowed.

We stood back for a moment to see if any answer came, but nothing. My Father tried the door again, kicking around the edge to see if he could loosen the winters icy grasp. We kicked and banged at the door but still it wouldn’t open. Suddenly I heard a faint tapping sound, dink,dink,dink.” Shh, listen” I gasped. Dink ,dink, dink. ” There it is again. It’s him. It has to be ! ” I cried.

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  • Mr Bennett says:

    Erin – Wow, you had me hooked right from the start! The vocabulary you have used engaged me throughout. I hope they found Grandpa! All round brilliant VCOP! Amazing, well done!

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