GG Knight of Small Island…

May 10th, 2017 | Posted by Ruby in Learning

One little squirrel named GG , who was only a little girl, dreamed of fighting a warrior, a friend, a Kingdom. GG had thoughts. On Friday, she got ready for school, she was late, therefore she ran fast .

” Today we at learning about knights .” Mrs. Whiskers said to the class. GG smiled. She looked down at the chair: which was RED! My favourite  colour! Knights never give up and  ……..after a long day of school GG sat down on her bed and settled down to sleep……..zzzzzzzzzz…….zzzzzzz…..

” Get them and never ever give up!” shouted the top warrior of Small Island. (*gulp*) GG gulped as she thrashed through the enemies. GG looked around all of the other soldiers are down it was all down to her. With all her anger she knocked all of them out. As fast as lighting, she ran into the castle, locked the doors tight and went into the room with the Queen was in  the Queen stood up and GG knelt down to let the Queen crown her Knight of Small Island…………

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