goblin party

January 25th, 2018 | Posted by Cameron in Learning

Many moons ago in a country far away there was a boy with a deep dark secret he had a mythical charm!One day he decided to go to the park and climb a tree so he did but he slipped!But a hand caught him he looked up and saw a living tree  suddenly his charm gloud a miraculous colour of gold!Suddenly his legs sped up and he ran off at a awesome pase but he stopped and turned around “are you a nice tree?” “yes” ” you’re the savior”said the tree “am I” said sam “come to my land and you can save us from the trolls” “ lets go”.They sneaked to the trees home “look it’s the goblin party you must save it”so sam sped across the trolls with his super speed and he took out one of the trolls!But one of the trolls saw him “human bean!” he yelled he took out all of them and won back there home!

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