hamster enderman

October 9th, 2018 | Posted by Angus in 100wc

Once upone a time there was a hamster or shoud i say many hamsters that were in a war with the mincraft endermen their boss was the ender dragon the army of hamsters had to train. one day their was a very special hamster that it reminded me of the time when my hamster cudeld me but whenever he wanted to speak nobody would  listen to him. but they went to training there were two bullies that woud steal his socks his hats and once his hamster corn on the cob gun but he got a replacment luckily. but when he was training the bullies pushed him into the training water. but when he went to war with the ender  dragon he deafeted it so they could go back to their hamster world and he became the hamster general of the hamster army. his firs words were bullies your fired.

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