High in the sky

April 30th, 2019 | Posted by Megan in Learning

Hi I’m the story teller and I’m going to tell a little secret about my story. One day in a wood far, far away a little girl went to find some fire wood. Suddenly, she heard a stick snap and as she turned around. She looked around in fright as a beast was running around her, more and more of them appeared and started to join in. She had a quick thought, bending down she grabbed a near by stick and chucked it over the bush, the beasts all chased the stick to see who could get there first. Whilst they where distracted she tiptoed back home to bed.

The next morning, when the girl awoke, her mother asked her to collect some fire wood again. The girl was anxious because she remembered the beasts from yesterday. On her way to collect the fire wood she heard a howl in the distance, worried that the beasts were going to return and eat her up, she began to run to the other side of the woods. She stumbled across a opening whilst she was running.

Big rocks and buildings big and small parrots flying round, also tropical lizards. Excited, the chilled ran round hopping on massive mushrooms and laying on soft, puffy grass when a THUD came from behind again. It was wolves following her, however, the wolves looked like they needed help strait away. She followed them and found the injured cub and realised the howl had come from the cub. The little cub had brambles tangled round it’s legs. Carefully she unwrapped the brambles and put on a bandage made from leaves.

It was now night and the girl had to head home, she loved the place she was in but she had to leave so her Mum wouldn’t wonder where she was.” By wolves,” she said. the wolves howled as the girl ran home.

The End

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