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This game is so boring! Sam shouted as he threw it onto the floor of Joe”s room. Joe was”nt impressed as he lent down to pick it up.”I”m sure it gets better on level two”, he said hoping for the best. He plugged the game back in and started loading again . The started to flicker and bang they were sucked straight into the game. The boys landed in the middle of a desert. They started arguing about who”s fault it was. They started walking into the desert and arguing at the same time. They saw a cave and where suprised they walked inside and started to explore. It was getting dark so Joe thought they should sleep in the cave. So they did.

The next day, As they walked out the cave they saw a well they all felt thirsty so they went to get a drink. But there was nothing there. Sam said we should go to Macdonalds but Joe said do not be so daft. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Joe shouted. As they started walking again. They found a energy core factory and walked inside. They touched the button and it and the owner went on loudspeaker and shouted everyone needed to leave now. Sam and Joe ran for thier live. They got sucked into the core and they found their selfs on the floor.

Sams Mum was calling them and she asked why Joe was still here?

To be continued,


The end. Well for now!

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