Horse facts

May 10th, 2017 | Posted by Susan in Learning

Today I am going to type some facts about horses!

  1. Did you know that female horses have less teeth than males.
  2. Horses eyes are one of the biggest eyes out of earth’s land animals.
  3. Horses are very popular in this world and there is over 75 million hoses.
  4. Human fingernails and hair are made out of the same protein as horses hooves.
  5. Unlike humans horses only breathe out of there nose and not out of there mouth!
  6. There were no horses in Australia at all until 1788.

7.The smallest horse in the whole world is only 14 inches tall. His name is Einstein and he was born in New Hampshire, in the USA.

8.The world’s most popular breed of a horse is the Arabian.

9.Generally, a Horse has a better memory than an elephant does, however evidence suggests that elephants have a longer memory span.


10. Billy was the oldest horse from England and he lived to be 62 years old!


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