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April 29th, 2019 | Posted by Jessica in Homework | Learning

Zoe wasn’t a fan of history, not at all. She begged not to be given the yellow history cards on Trivial Pursuit. In history classes she would put on some glasses with a picture of her eyes open on the front, and close her eyes. She wore glasses anyway so the teachers didn’t suspect anything.

Today was a particularly boring lesson. Only the nerds wanted to learn about Heraklion, lost underwater city.

I myself am fascinated and very angry with Zoe , bad girl, bad bad girl,

There was a picture of what the estimated to look like. Just as Zoe fell she felt herself moving into the picture…

“Gasp”Zoe was desperate for breath. She had quite literally been flushed into a moat, not just a moat, a moat surrounding a castle. Zoe clambered  out and knocked on the heavy birch door. It opened and a stern man with a stern expression stood there, his shadow looming over the little girl…

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