king of the forest

March 23rd, 2017 | Posted by Darcey in 100wc | Learning

Five  days  ago   over   the   hill  and   far   away  in  the   deep   and   very   dark    forist   there  was  a  anamel  compertion.   To  see   what   anamal   should   be   king   of    the    forist   and  will   suddenly   be   able   to   talk.

There   was  a   golden   pice  of  log   and    however   could   lift  it   up     none    has   lifted    it   up   for    sentreys .   and   it   had    been   to   long.   without   a   king   the   king   ant    died    in   2010    and   now   it    is   2017   his   just    to  hard     without  him  how    could   something   so   tiny   be   king   wonder.

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