lola, part one, comment for part two

November 9th, 2018 | Posted by Jessica in Learning

(Lola is admiring a heavy box that her mum gave her before she died)

Lola:(says  to her dog ) Oh Sam, you Dad and Luke are my only hope

(Sam whimpers)

Dad:(from downstairs) Pizza’s being put on the table, come and eat

Luke: Come now or else

Lola: Or else what?

Luke: Or else…. I’ll eat your pizza

(Lola rushes down stair and tucks in to her pizza)

Lola: Dad ,what make is this pizza?

Dad: Harold’s, why?

Dad: Why?

Lola: This is amazing

(after tea Lola is back in her room pressing the button inside the box when She see’s mum in her waxy green dress)

Lola: Mum, how are you here, you died a year ago

Mum: (in a ghostly voice) Get Daddy, i need to see him;-)


(Dad never came…..);-)












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