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September 19th, 2017 | Posted by Cameron in 100wc | Learning

Once there was a small town called  minny vill And one day they decided to write a massive light bulb which contains masses of crystals and they stole a nude and took it back to the town and gave it to the poorest members  to time to afford them food   for their families. So they went back for more and soon the poorest were the richest  So some became   people who stole Riches   dumb and sold them for food To raise their family so they could carry on the family and the youngest could live So they carried on for the rest of their life.

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  • Jackie Cameron says:

    This is such an interesting idea for your story. (I’m sorry, I don’t know your name?)
    I can tell that you’re a very unselfish person who likes to help others.
    I do like the name of town – Minny Ville. That’s clever! I wonder if you could use fewer ‘and’s in your next story? Perhaps there could have been a full stop after Minny Ville and the next sentence started with ‘One day they decided…..’
    What do you think writer?

    Thanks for sharing.

    Jackie Cameron Team 100
    New Plymouth
    New Zealand

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