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November 9th, 2018 | Posted by Wesley in Learning

Valentino Rossi and hi teammate both start a race at California and as the race started Mark Marquez seems to give Rossi a nudge off his bike .

Rossi: What was that for ? ive been training for this !

Marquez: Why did you start riding straight infront of me , that is what got me to do that .

they both carry on with the race and Rossi wins!

Marquez: Well , I guess you won , GOOD RACE!

Rossi : Thanks  Marquez , now get to your pits and get ready for our next race in Australia!

They both get in there tour buses and drive to Australia .

Rossi : My bus is too low on fuel . Give me a lift !

Marquez : Get on your bike !

Rossi:OK !

(speeding )

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  • Charlotte Smith says:

    This is a very humorous story Wesley. Clever pun at the end, nice. Is Valentino Rossi still called ‘The Doctor’? I think he must be quite old now, is he still racing bikes?

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