Moved… HOUSE

December 10th, 2018 | Posted by Heath in Learning

Heath was running towards the car, today they were moving house. That was only IF the van came. Luckily, the van turned up just in time, the van had the letter V~H and the symbol in the middle on the side. He knew the company as ‘Vincent and Hades’ the moving house company, only this van didn’t look exactly the same as the others he saw before. Heath was suspicious and was going to find out what was going on! After the move he saw the driver parked the van and walked into the house across the road. Was the this the drivers house? Was this the owners house? Then after a couple of minutes the driver walked out of the house, got into another car and left. Heath’s curiosity led him to think about who would live there! A man came out of the house, he was pale, cold with slant eyes. Heath knew was the company’s owners house because he saw many pictures of him on the internet after some searching. Heath’s new house was opposite the company’s owners house, it was a small cottage with a single tree in the front garden. Heath’s house, which was painted purple, had 4 floors. Heath saw the person run towards the van and as he went he peeked through the window into neighbours house, he saw a basement with a lock secured with a purple key he saw the purple key. He ran inside and unlocked the door and went in he locked the door behind him so the owner never found him. For a change he saw the man before he could spot him and the man was quiet he ran into a cupboard and left the key outside the owner found it and went out of the basement. Heath went to see what it said there were some Emails they read:

TO: Kr Alison. We need to meet at 5:30 to plan things about our plot… We will all be the winners and as my code name develops no one will know me!

TO: Jr @#-=,/;. I put the signs so no one knows who you are Boss. Lets do it.

TO: Kr Alison. Thank Ali we will be ruling the world!

TO: Jr Xer. Your code name is called X-er so you’ll be unnoticed by others!

TO: Kr Alison. Fine surfer lets go I’ll do some code 110000010100101110000101

The chat ended there and Kr finished with V~H. The 2nd words were code named but Jr=Jack-Rust and Kr=Kris-Rust. Heath sent the police a photo of the screen and then 3-mins later some police came and arrested Jr. THE END.


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  • Claire Howe says:

    Wow! Heath you have such an amazing imagination, a perfect asset to allow you to write incredible short stories. Keep up the good work and I will look forward to reading another soon. Aunty Windle

  • Lynette says:

    This is my favorite story of all you blogs. Can you guess why? I’ll tell you: It is because Heath is a hero!
    Well done with the use of punctuation in this blog.

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