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January 28th, 2019 | Posted by Ella in Learning

My character is a kind and cheeky princess. When she was little her fairy god mother gave her a blessing of always doing as she was told. She has brown hair,brown eyes and rosey cheeks. Her mum dies in the story and her mum sends her to bording school.( I haven’t read all of it so I can’t tell you to much. )  She can be very silly sometimes too. Her favourite thing to do is slide down the spiral stair case banisters!

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  • Dad says:

    A nice change to read something other than the fantastic books by David Walliams.
    Very clear description of the character. Shame we haven’t got a spiral stair case ; though i suppose Dad (Mr Brown) would not let anyone slide down as it would be ‘too dangerous’ 🙂

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