My Christmas

January 14th, 2019 | Posted by Jessica in Learning

What a great Christmas I have had!

Part one:Christmas Day

First, I woke up on Christmas morning(not too early, around seven o’ clock) and hauled my heavy stockings(yes I had two stockings) into my parents’ room. My brother Daniel had already opened six presents while he was waiting for me to wake up and so he said ‘you open six presents and when you have opened the six we will start opening at whatever speed we want’. I got loads of awesome gifts in my stocking and I had a closer look at some of them while the breakfast(croissants and Brioches) was being prepared. After breakfast we opened a few presents and I got a fitbit watch.

Part two:Lyme Regis

 After Christmas my family went to Lyme Regis which is by the beach. My brother and I had five pounds to spend in the seafront amusements. On all of the machines you won tickets and at the end I gathered up enough tickets to buy a squishy cola can and some jelly beans stored in a puffy purple pyramid. We went fossil hunting and my family made a little competition to see who could find the most fossils. Me and Mum found a devils toenail, a piece of an ammonite  and some funny shaped rocks.

Part three:The Big Pit

After that, we drove to Wales and went to a mine called the Big Pit. It was a working coal mine from 1880 to 1980 and was opened to see by public in 1983. It was amazing there and I would really like to go again some day even though I will already have gone through the experience.

I had an amazing Christmas holiday and I am hoping for another one like this one next year.

The end!

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