My christmas holiday.

January 14th, 2019 | Posted by Heath in Learning


It took a day and a half to get to Durban ( on east coast of South-Africa or SA for short) The flight alone was 12 hours with another 1 hour flight from Johannesburg It was warm in SA, hot sun was gushing onto my cold body. After we picked up a hire-a-car we went to Elysium near the coast. We spend the other half of the day exploring about the beach-house. As soon as we got there I went round to the porch (Where the snakes are about/around) I was l locked from the back. I looked towards the shrub (which I climbed over) and then the other side where a tiny gleam of red caught my eye as I ran towards I couldn’t believe what I saw, it was;                                                     Scarier than facing a five-foot monster                                                                                                     Scarier than a baby lion pet it was a…                                                                                                    Red Millipede; as long as my feet next to each over redder than red paint and most of all creepy.

The next day, there was a mardi gras AKA Fat-Tuesday (a carnival celebration), that happens once a year where you can buy stuff from a street market. We had 350-rand 9 each 100 rand is actually 8 pounds in our money) We went down by all the market stalls not finding much we liked, then we went to the top of the street and then we walked by the shark teeth stall. There was a neckless which I bought, I learnt it was from a Mako shark. Then we went to the top and man was shouting “Well! I got another gift! who wants it?” then it looked like I wanted it so he gave the prize to me Its ICE!” In my hand a bottle of water. Then we ate a bit and then we went to the bungie jump place. it was TOO unsafe actually the whole of SA is unsafe. Like the day before this day we went to Ifafa and there were trampolines… BUT and a big one; they had no safety there was holes in between the springs!


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