My Christmas Holidays

January 15th, 2019 | Posted by Megan in Learning

The minute it was the winter holidays I zoomed to my Mum to ask her If she would let me and Chloe go to Jacob and Molly’s house. My Mum said ” Yes why not,” and we went over. Me and Jacob played

It is now Friday and we are going to see Mary Poppins Returns with lots of people. In my bag I had 2 bags of popcorn, Lindor chocolate and some skittles. Not to healthy though!

It is now Saturday and we are going to Cardiff to stay over night because  we are going  climb Garth hill which was in Cardiff , at the same time Football was going on and my Dad wanted to watch it. Tonight we are going to see SANTA! At the toy mines also we are going with Jacob and Molly, just as better. When we got there we went upstairs and looked at facts about the mines we are going in, there  was some pretty  cool answers. Then we got some candy canes and it was yummy and then we were called in. But the lift was old and Jacob thought it would crash as we were going into the mines. We went through a door and we had to dance, this kid was doing the floss. We went through and talked to a welsh reindeer and he let us through but at that time Santa came out the door looking for us we went in and got a present. By now it was time to go home.

Wow! Now all that is coming my birthday partly because it is Sunday !  Though all today is about is packing up. My sister and Molly were playing pranks on my Mum over the phone. Uncle James said to keep on phoning her and then ask the reception to phone her so my Mum will answer the phone silly. We all started to giggle it was funny my Mum didn’t know!

Yes my birthday came at last! Today I got loads of pressies  I will tell you my favourite. My favourite was my candy floss maker definitely. Now we are going to wait for my Nanny to arrive.  She came and brought some presents with her for me and Chloe. I got a new scooter and nail art. Now we are going to Max and Louie’s house we brought our scooters and went round the block. I have to say it was fun. It is time for the cinema now. We are watching wreck it Ralph brakes the internet it was a very good movie.

IT IS CHRISTMAS YES! Finally. All those days of waiting came to an end. Right lets go wake Dad up at 05:03 in the morning and go down the stairs. SANTA CAME ! we opened our presents my favourite was the Voltron Lions. We played with our presents and then got ready to go to my Nanna’s house. We got there and I saw Jacob, he got a switch too. We played lets go Pikachu  and did some party games. It was fun and it was time to go home.

Boxing day came rolling in but the exiting thing about boxing day was Max and Louie are coming round and  my Nanny Carol is as well. They are hear, the first thing my cousin said is do you have a switch and I said yes. Well a win, win because we played Mario cart 8 deluxe. They went home because Amberly threw up in a plastic bag.

On the 27 and the 28 of December we did a walk up Clay Hill and did some drone flying Max, Louie, Jacob and Molly came to both. Louie nearly lost his drone but we found it in some ones garden, Jacob ran into the garden,  got it and came out holding it, we all ran so know one found us doing it.

New years eve evening was probably the best ever. First we went to Max and Louie’s house. We played 1..2…switch and did a Nerf war but it didn’t happen.  Then we went to Jacob and Molly’s house. First we played LOL Monopoly  then we played Pictionary then me and Jacob lost interest and played Arms on the Switch. Now it was the count down. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 boom fireworks exploding outside, Timmy the dog jumping, us all dancing, me and Jacob went up stairs and played the second half of Arms in 2019 me and Jacob were surprised because we only played arms till it was time to go down stairs.

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