April 4th, 2017 | Posted by William in Learning

Ocarinas are instruments that you blow into a hole and cover black holes to make a different noise.Ocarinas are very good instruments they make a good sound and they are not very hard for beginners sometimes if you have been playing for a while you might get saliva in the ocarina.If you blow too hard into a ocarina it will make a loud  noise and i like the ocarina a lot i didn’t know that i like it.Ocarinas have lots of different tunes to play you can buy books for songs for your ocarina i am looking forward to taking my ocarina home we learnt the song Londons burning on the ocarina.The song goes like this Londons  burning Londons burning, fetch the engines fetch the engines,fire fire, fire fire,pour on water pour on water!An ocarina is a good size and is easy to carry anywhere and practise in lots of different places like home.

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