The lighthouse

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One dark winter’s night , a girl called Mia who was 11 and a boy called Sam who was 13 snuck out because they were adventurous and also  because they were bored . The two children loved exploring.  Eventually,  they found a bridge with snow and razor sharp icicles underneath and on the legs of the bridge . When they got to the end, they found a large red lighthouse !


Bravely,  Sam opened the door and a smell hit them ( They found it was very unpleasant ). They found it very jolly and also warm so they slept there for the night . Luckily,  it was on the weekend so their parents would come in  to check they were up at 9am . Tired , Mia and Sam walked home without their parents noticing they were gone …


5 years later …


Now Mia is 16 and Sam is 18 . They both got a job for the first time and their jobs are exploring places that have been explored before . They became very famous still  to this day on a planet that is always winter and cold . Every 6 months they went to a different country but every 5 years they went back home to their sister ( older sister) mum and dad . Each time they came home they always went back to the lighthouse for them it was a second home .


                    TO BE CONTINUED !









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one day there was a girl called rose and she was walking to school .She saw something that she never seen before she  wanted to have a look but decided to go back after school . An hour later ” Bella ” ”what” ”I seen something ” cool let’s go after school” ” ok ”.

”Wow” ”lets go in ”  they went to the bridge they went have way across but suddenly it started to claps  they ran and ran but only just got there.” How are we going to get home now ?” ”I don’t know ” ” anyway lets go in before this part claps ” ”lets go”. They went in and had the fright of there life ” ahhhhhh who is that ” ”I don’t know” ” ha ha ha ha ha ha”  ” who are you ? ” ” I’m  Dave ” ”ok Dave can we have a look around ? ”. ”Yes if you want to have anything your welcome but don’t go in the closet ” ok ” so they went to have a look around but they went in the closet and were never seen after that.



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One day Kira decided to go out for a walk to get some fresh air! When she saw a lighthouse it said(lighthouse for children on the front) Kira decided to take a look at it. It was a fun centre there were slides leading to a foam pit and loads of other fun things! Suddenly, Kira took of her shoes and decided to have a run around before tea so she did! “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this is so fun I’m coming here everyday,” screamed Kira. This bridge is so wobbly!    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! Kira landed in the foam pit with a fud that was…………..

The Ice Beach

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One day, there was a girl called Lottie and today she was going to the beach.  She was really excited to be going because it was a lovely, hot day.  Lottie helped her mummy and daddy get everything ready for their day out.  She even helped make her favourite sandwich which is cheese and marmite. Her Mum went “Yuk! How can you eat that!”  Lottie just smiled and replied “because its yummy”.

The car journey was taking ages.  They were stuck in a big traffic jam that looked like it went on forever.  It was so hot and sticky in the car that Lottie fell asleep.

Suddenly, Lottie woke up because the car had stopped, they had got there.  Lottie ran straight to the sea shore and started to dig a big hole. While she was digging she found a chest.  Excitedly, she slowly opened it and there was a big flash of light!  She was still on the beach but everything had turned to ice and she was all alone.  She started to feel scared! Just then in the snow she saw something shiny and she bent down to see what it was.  It was a Genie lamp.  Nervously, she rubbed it and out popped a big, cold crab. The crab said to Lottie “I can grant you one wish but it has to be a really good wish for it to come true, I will tell you if its going to work or not”.  Lottie thought about wishing for jewellery, a crown or diamonds but then thought of something else amazing.  “Mr Crab, please can you send me home to my family who i love”.  Another flash of light and with a jump Lottie woke up in the car.  It had all been a dream.

It was a cold dark night.

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It was a cold dark night in the middle of the ocean.  There was a red , rusty and old lighthouse that had not been  used infor three year.after three  years some hade gone in the lighthouse  they sat on a seet in the lighthouse and staid over night . But there was no bed he hade to a bed out of chairs it was very uncufball for him .  The next day he was very sor on his neck and back .  He went for a wonder around  the big lighthouse it took him an hour to lock around the pace and hour to get done the stairs the very uncufbull bed . And it was all a dream because he felt some one pinch him .


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One day it was cool in such a cool world well one day it  froze up in 1 sec it was -999999 degrees it was cold not just cold it is of the chart. Suddenly, this robot came to the cold place however, he had a shield that protected him from this coldness. Although the world was gonna freeze and it was up to him to protect it. he didn’t like it however he walked across the ULTRA cold bridge to the light house he though he could turn it on although, it was froze then that made it broken however, his shield couldn’t fix it despite he could he never thought of that his mind can fix it. Suddenly, he turned it on then he saved the world. the end


The Unknown

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The Unknown

It was chasing me, it was coming! What was it? Every blue moon something suspicious happens. This time, it was coming for me. It looked like an icy figure with, dribbling, frozen water, hanging from its limbs and a light house face. I started to run away, I hid behind a lamp post. All I could see was the usual, spooky light houses with the pier leading to it. But then I saw it. It was trying not bot move and disguise itself in its surroundings. It didn’t trick me, it almost stood on me. My blood froze, I kept thinking, ‘ why was it coming for me and not someone else?’ I heard a loud moan, and i saw it had a mouth and it was crying. Before I could see if it was alright, it started to chase me.

The pier tore from the sea bed and this became the creatures feet, the railings it body and hands and the lighthouse its face. Before I could figure out anymore of its body parts it started to come towards me and chase me; to the alley, through the streets and onto the shoreline.

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