Jackie Blue

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Jackie Blue was always inspired by the creative, sparkling, bold personality of her favourite hero, Simon Cowell. She only like him because he was her dad.  There was a mystery on hand and Simon always helped her solve mysteries. This on was about an evil dinner lady who acted cruel. He name: Mrs Evil. She would give the children water and accidentally on purpose spill it over them. Something had to be done. One day apple crumble was for pudding, and Jackie came up to Mrs Evil and splated the yummy pudding in her face. Ha ha take that

The strongest man in the universe!!!

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One day the strongest man in the world Aka Jack went  to a contest that proves who is the strongest man in the world. Jack looked   bold in the big crowd  of strong people it was like there was a bunch of people dressed in white and Jack was in blue clothes that is how much he stood out. Jack felt comfedendt that he was going to win and be the strongest man in the world  but…

The answers were very different than he expected HE LOST the person who won was in a creative sparkling te-shirt!

the impossible puzzle

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One day, there was a boy called John and he liked puzzles. His Mum was trying to nagging him to do something else. Every answer would be a no! Tonight I decided to sneak out of bed. So he got a load of board games out of the draw. He sneaked downstairs and John put them all down and a portal came out of the fire place. So he went and jumped in and came to a puzzle. He found a board that said find 1 yellow, 3 red and 7 blacks. But it was the wrong colour everything.




the white car

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One day there was a boy called josh he liked to go out and explore with his mum and dad he loved to do it he will go to school and at the end of the day he would normally go and explore if dads at work he might not go and explore and this one day his dad was still at work he was very sad so he just went home his mum he saw a odd car but it is the wrong colour the last time i saw it it was red this time it is white



the painting catastrophe!

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In the middle of the night , Leonardo davinchi was working on an amazing picture called the Mona Lisa . It was going to be in a famous art gallery and it will be a trend around the world .He was just going to grab a colour for his painting until everybody could here the shouting of but this is the wrong color !The birds flew off the trees  because he was so scary with his monsterous evil shout!He wish he had not squeezed the bottle too hard because at this rate the paint was all over his painting . He went to bed with a sulky attitude!


I enjoyed a nice country walk whilst walking my dog. It was a frosty morning so I got home and put the fire on.

That evening, I walked my dog but something made me feel funny. The sky wasn’t its normal peachy colour infact, it was rainbow! “But it is the wrong colour!” I thought to myself.

The next day I saw on the news that the rainbow sky is going to continue for a few weeks. I thought to myself, “maybe I could walk along the seafront.

A few weeks later, the sky was its peachy self again and I continued to walk in the country side.

The fussy girl

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Once upon a time there lived a girl called Alex however Alex was very fussy .On Alex’es last birthday.He asked his Mum for a bike then when it was her birthday she said but it is the wrong colour! well you didn’t say what colour you wanted your bike to be.well yesterday you said you could read my mind . I did not and that also reminds me that one time that she didn’t like salad and then her mum said if you don’t eat your dinner you won’t get pudding.Then all of a sudden she tipped over the table in anger.

                                                        The End

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