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1 A dog can have up to 42 teeth if there an adult!

2 whiskers can help them see in the dark!

3 Dogs can only have cute in their paws!

4 In total there is said to be around 400 million dogs in the world!

5 An adult dog can have 42 teeth
By the creators of science kids

cat time

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1 Cats open there eyes around 1 week old.


2 Cats sleep for over 18-16 hours a day.


3 Kittens see color once a day.


4 Cats can be rite or left handed.


5 An adult cats have 30 teeth.


6 Cats can ‘t  taste anything sweet.


7  a cat can run up to 30 miles an hour.


8  Cats have five toes on each front paw but only 4 on the back paw.


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Whose work is it anyway?

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One day when a monkey was climbing a tree in the forest in which he lived,in a tree.One day he went to a barber in the town and said: please can i have a hair cut. Can it be short the barber people said: ok you can have a haircut he sat down and had a haircut after the haircut he had hair super short he liked it. When he was walking down town everyone was looking at him because his hair was beautiful. They were jealous of his hair. Suddenly everyone gone the the barber and wanted a haircut so they wouldn’t be jealous at the end the barber was rich however the haircut gone wrong.There was some sort of acid in the scissors then the hair gone chubby. They all wanted to go to the barber however it was closed. The acid in there was acid that only makes money hair short and the others where different animals.

The barber gone because they were rich enough to go to a mansion and live for their for their live in a mansion they bought everything they have over a billion £. There was 1 only barber but it took 10 hours to drive and it is impossible to get there by driving no one lives there because it costs 1bill £ to get a haircut. However It was a beautiful lake surrounded by lush green grasses, beautiful trees, mountains and sweetest, tastiest jamun trees. There lived a monkey on one of the jamun trees . located near the lake that was where the barber was no one could get there. The monkey was a barber to.


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Facts About Puppies.

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Today I am going to type up some facts about puppies


1.Did you know puppies are born deaf,blind and toothless.

2.About 14 hours a day puppies sleep.

3.In three weeks puppies develop their sense of smell.

4.More than 5 million puppies are born in the United States every year.

5.During the first week of a puppies life,it spends 90% of its day sleeping and 10% eating.A lot of this growth happens in these first few weeks.

6.By the age of one, a  puppy is considered to be an adult.In human years,this is the equivalent of being 15.

Credit to  Puppies: Six Fun Facts | Trupanion | Pet Health & Care

Whose Work Is It Anyway

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1    The 2004 Olympics featured twin gymnasts that won silver and gold!


2   The first perfect 10’s in gymnastics were in 1976.


3   Kerri Strug vaulted to gold with an injured ankle in the 1996 Olympics!


4   Men gymnasts used to have to climb up a rope.


5   In gymnastics you have to be flexible, have power, grace, balance and control.


6   Gymnastics has been around for 2,000 years!


GG Knight of Small Island…

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One little squirrel named GG , who was only a little girl, dreamed of fighting a warrior, a friend, a Kingdom. GG had thoughts. On Friday, she got ready for school, she was late, therefore she ran fast .

” Today we at learning about knights .” Mrs. Whiskers said to the class. GG smiled. She looked down at the chair: which was RED! My favourite  colour! Knights never give up and  ……..after a long day of school GG sat down on her bed and settled down to sleep……..zzzzzzzzzz…….zzzzzzz…..

” Get them and never ever give up!” shouted the top warrior of Small Island. (*gulp*) GG gulped as she thrashed through the enemies. GG looked around all of the other soldiers are down it was all down to her. With all her anger she knocked all of them out. As fast as lighting, she ran into the castle, locked the doors tight and went into the room with the Queen was in  the Queen stood up and GG knelt down to let the Queen crown her Knight of Small Island…………


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Bobsleigh or bobsled is a wintersport in which teams of two or four teammates make timed runs down narrow, twisting, banked, iced tracks in a gravity-powered sled.The timed runs are combined to calculate the final score.


The various types of sleds came several years before the first tracks were built in St.moritz,switzerland,where the original bobsleds were adapted upsized luge/skeleton designed by the adventurously wealthy to carry passengers. All three types were adapted from boys’ delivery sleds and toboggans.


Bobsleigh (bobsled)is my favourite winter sport and my dad went to help out with the world championships for  bobsleigh (bobsled)! Bobsled (bobsleigh) is very dangerous sport as you can hurt yourself easily if you make one mistake or if you are a miler second too slow you will lose and have to try again in four years as that is the amount of time between each winter Olympics!


One day I would like to go see the winter Olympics and I would like to meet a Bobsled player and get their autograph! If i had to do Bobsled for any country i’d go for USA as that was where i was born! In this winter sport you can have a team up to four and has a driver two middle men and a brake man!


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