Polo woke up it was 2:00 he got dressed and led on his bed until his globe coughed out a piece of the world. He stood next to his map and looked about a name flashed up saying: Bermuda. He placed it down and looked at his watch the secrete code was t-r-I-n-g-l-e. Polo walked over to his map and said “Off to Bermuda!” He looked up at the sky then down he saw a beach in front of him and a apartment behind. He guessed someone needed him. As he opened the doors a man with a beard said to polo, “Polo many of our guests have disappeared in to the north bay! Polo can you find out what happened?” Polo agreed and he set off to the beach with his gear.

He was right next to the end of the not so deep parts and jumped into the water. swimming around he saw a swirl of water in the centre of the ocean slowly so he didn’t notice he got sucked up. Soon Polo realized he was getting sucked up he couldn’t leave his life here in a underwater hurricane but if he wanted to find out what happened to the divers he must get sucked up! So reluctantly He waited for the water sucked him up into a chamber of rock around him was people like divers and he saw a door with a letter above it. it was letter V. Polo stealthily opened the door and slid into a coffin he listened closely a voice was heard “I think polo will come? Will he Ha sure he won’t yes I’m sure for I Velda is the king MWHAHAHA!” Polo recognized Velda and with his words Polo he got out and swiped out his Nyssa sword and pointed it at Velda his face turned into a smile and he opened his mouth and his teeth were launching towards Polo he broke them and Velda fell then Velda put on a ‘sad stomp’ shoe and it bashed against the floor since he forgot to turn the sucker off he got sucked into the deepest depth of the ocean and was never seen again!

Polo got back to the hotel by 2:34 and showed the bearded man the people lost. Polo saw a map in the staff room and before any compliments were made he shouted “OFF TO EGLAND.” he repapered in his bedroom and the time was 2:40 He knew he had a adventure of a lifetime!


sweet land

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In “Sweet  land”  the  ginger-bread  girls were  having a feast of sugar sandwiches and maple syrup pop. All for the Sweet lands one and only Queen Alice. It was her 30th birthday, and she was celebrating  with  her friends  on  Jelly tot street. Ros’s house was at number 6, this is where the party was at. Then  Lenny  arrived with a gift of jelly tots as it  was in Jelly tot street. They played hide and seek, with a prize of  a sugar lump. They also played tag with a prize of a candy cane. They all had a brilliant time.

hamster enderman

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Once upone a time there was a hamster or shoud i say many hamsters that were in a war with the mincraft endermen their boss was the ender dragon the army of hamsters had to train. one day their was a very special hamster that it reminded me of the time when my hamster cudeld me but whenever he wanted to speak nobody would  listen to him. but they went to training there were two bullies that woud steal his socks his hats and once his hamster corn on the cob gun but he got a replacment luckily. but when he was training the bullies pushed him into the training water. but when he went to war with the ender  dragon he deafeted it so they could go back to their hamster world and he became the hamster general of the hamster army. his firs words were bullies your fired.

the dalek !!!

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“This is a glitch i am telling  you.”said William  “it reminded me of  of the time when  i had a overload on space_ship/3000 .” said Fred                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   crash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                      ” a: we are on space_ship/3000 and b: we have daleks on bored .” said William.”how many on board?”asked Fred “ten,six are here.”replayed William .” here.”all six of them chirped.The dalek came into the room.”you two will be exterminated,” said the dalek”you will be turned into daleks, exterminate,exterminate,exterminate!!”vrom,vrom,vrom. The Tardis forced it’self into the ship . the doctor flung open the door  jumped out and fired the gun at the one dalek “overload overload!!”blam blam blam the doctor slid back in the tardis and ran vrom vrom vrom  

Today this chicken poem is about it reminded me of the time when…!

It reminded me of the time when a chicken fell of a cliff,

it reminded me of the time when a pig walked across a road!


It reminded me of the time when a cow had curly hair,

it reminded me of the time when a swimming had unicorns!


It reminded me of the time when a volcano exploded with harts,

it reminded me of the time when water rained every were!


It reminded me of the time when I did back stroke in a pool,

it reminded me of the time when I did breath stroke in a pool!


by Eleanor

hamster ender world

October 9th, 2018 | Posted by Emily in 100wc | Learning - (1 Comments)

One day three little hamsters went to the forest to play with the squirrels and they started a fight like they always do.this time when they got into the fight on of the hamsters got hurt by the endear .It reminded me of a time when my hamster had to go to the vets and I liked that they could make him all better.But my question was how do they do it.Anyway back to the story I took the hamster to the vets and I hope that they can help him in the same way that they did to my hamster. the end


I made a cake…

October 9th, 2018 | Posted by Harriet in 100wc - (0 Comments)

I made a cake fat and round.

I made a cake it reminded me of a time when I wore a crawn.

I  made a cake like a bear.

I made a cake that fall down the stairs.

I made a cake that was on the ground.

I made a cake in a mug.

I made a cake that looked like space.

I made a cake that smelled like paint.

I made a cake the shape of  a bird.

I made a cake as small as a pea.

I made a cake that I droped in my cup of tea.


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