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Excitedly, Ella was going to move to a farm with a cottage in a village.

happily Ella was going to move there today!

Ella had her first night staying over although there was not that much furniture because it did not get all shipped.

The next day Ella was feeding the cows ,pigs and horses she saw a man that was hurt and then she loudly shouted at her dad “HELP HELP “and her dad came running over.

happily the man was got to the hospital at the last second and then they lived happy . the end .

Openers and Connectives

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1. Nervously, Ella got out of the car however she stood in a puddle and got her shoes wet.

2. Scared, Megan walked through the creepy woods because she had been dared too.

3. Suddenly, our  TA fell in a puddle of mud face first although know one laughed.

4. Tired, Tula fell asleep on her laptop consequently we lay her down on the sofa in the staff room.

5. Hardworking, Sofia taught Lotus class french on the other hand we were good at french.

use openers and connectives

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Sadly, Amelia couldn’t swim however she had swimming lessons.

Happily Mark joined a football club because he loved football.

Unfortunately there was a lonely pony despite this she made a full recovery.

Carefully, the vet did an examination on the dog on the other hand he wasn’t healthy.

Anoyingly, my sister ate all the sweets in the packet although the next time we’re in a shop she has to buy another pack.



the lost dog in the woods

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one day there was a man and a dog that was in the woods having fun.

sudenly the dog ran away the onner was shouting COME BACK HERE NOW .

the dog did not sisen he just ran faster and faster the dog said bye bye oner.

i hare you and feed me more often now bye bye faster faster faster and faster.

bye bye bye bye bye bye bye see you never agen bye bye bye bye hate you.

5 sentences animal version

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1 Loudly In the middle of the night in England the was a rabbit going to its burrow and a fox was waiting for it, the rabbit kicked the fox and ran its burrow on the other hand  and dag a way out.    23.5.18

2 Quickly,  in Mr Bennet house his cat Jessie  ran out the house and went to the shop and stole some cat food and ate it however the went home.

3 Joyfully a piggy was playing in the mud consenquently he fell thought the world!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 Happily a panda in China was eating banboo however it suddenly fell asleep.

5 Nervously a donkey was running to the ocean however a man jumed on him.


The Witch of Babayaga

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The front door was unlocked. Jamie pushed it open ….. and inside a witch was brewing a spell in a large cauldron she turned around and screeched like a rusty door they ran away the witch burst through the house roof and cursed them both of them 10 years later.

“Do you want to go to the movies?” Jamie said to Charlie. Charlie replied “Yes, there is a really great film I want to watch”. So the boys went to the movies and watched ‘Star Wars’ in 3D. They had a good time until someone from their past returned… the WITCH !

She burst through the screen and took all the kids to the house of horrors, the witches lair. She had no interest or need for Charlie or Jamie, who were now teenagers. Charlie and Jamie knew they had to do something so they followed the witch. They had a plan to defeat her and win back all the children.

The Old Owl Trap

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Continue of story

Jamie and Charlie stood there open mouthed with amazement. Inside the hallway were loads of toys, little sofas, a TV and lots 0f exciting things. As quick as lightning they ran inside and played with a few toys. Jamie ran to the Lego box and Charlie ran to the rocking horse.

“I’ve had enough of playing let’s explore the rest of the house.” said Charlie. So they left the toys on the floor and walked into the next room. T0  their surprise the next room was cold, damp and dark. “I don’t like this place any more. ” shivered Jamie. As soon as he had said that he walked on a floorboard that came loose and flipped over. “AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” screamed Jamie.

An owl in the house woke up and flew into the room. When the children saw the owl they screamed again. “Don’t worry I am not going to hurt you.” said the owl. At that point Jamie and Charlie were already calming down. ” Who are you?” asked Charlie. “I am Simber the owl and this is were I live.” replied Simber. “The thing you just walked on was an owl trap. My family got caught in that and died. My job is to tell owls not to come in here,” explained Simber. “Why are you talking?” asked Charlie. “Nobody said that I couldn’t talk.” replied Simber .

After their adventure had finished Jamie and Charlie cycled the 10 minuets back to their Gran’s house. When they arrived at the house they went straight to bed feeling very tired.

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