The out of tune Guitar

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One day my bother was playing on the Guitar (my Guitar by the way .)he’s not very good don’t tell him I said that though.I always say its completely out of tune to him .I’m way better than him anyway. Even mum said I was better than him anyway my name is Samantha my brother’s name is Elliott even though  he looks adorable  he’s also VERY ANNOYING.He always takes my sweets and my favorite chocolates  he also take my iPad to watch in his den he finds it funny but I don’t he always laughs when he does it thats how I know thanks for reading.

The violin lesson

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one day there was a woman called Molly.  She set up a violin lesson. They learnt how to play kookaburra sits in the old gum tree for a competition. There journey was on a couch. The first act was a  different violin troop it was completely out of tune. Then it was us we  walked on stage and stared to shiver. We stared and every one clapped there hands. Some people were even dancing and waving there hands in the ear. It was the best day of my life and now I am never sad and it was the best.


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Monkey Drum Melody

In a dark ship wreck Martha Melody found a monkey drum. When she tried to play the monkey drum IT WAS COMPLETELY OUT OF TUNE! Luckily Adam Accordion had lots of musical instruments and he had a monkey drum. he can tune any monkey drum however he couldn’t tune it. He gave it to Flo Flute (a scientist) to check up on this mysterious thing. She found out that the monkey drum was not a monkey drum it was a Violin belonging to a famous strings player, Georgie Guitar. Thank you for reading our very good post.

by Ros and Eleanor

Need for speed

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One day there was a man called Tyler and he loved cars. Tyler every day went to the tune shop to tune his car when it was tuned he tried it out it was out of tune when he found out he went to rave his mechanic he did a way better job of it.

he went to race against  Lina Navarro he won “yay” he said Lina wanted revenge so she blew his house up and stole his car but he had a Nissan skyline when he raced her again he busted her and he won THE END

The school tunnel

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Once  there was a girl called Hana. Hana loved to play the guitar. She was  cheeky in school and one day got suspended for putting a whoopee cushion under her teachers chair!!  On the last day of suspension she went to school ( she was still off ) to explore. Suddenly, the drain she was walking on colapsed and Hana found herself in a tunnel. A head of her she saw light so she ran towards it. When Hana was in the light she saw a guitar and a note by her feet. It read: to pass this test and get away from school, you must tune it using a tool. She picked up the instrament and it was completey out of tune. But she got away from school.



Music hall

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One day, Daisy, Angus, Heath and Megan went to school and found it was done for the winter. “How is this possible!”complained Angus.”well it is possible,”said Heath.”We will haft to go to the music hall then,”said Daisy. They walked to the music hall and when they got there they found it was completely out of tune and that they had to play out of tune stuff. “Lets go home shall we,” they all complained.”Yea lets go home.”exclaimed Megan.They all thought it was pointless going an it was a wast of time. “Better luck next time Megan,”said Angus.”well yea.”said Megan.

The End.

By Megan

ho no

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Ones a politime there was a boy caled  bob bob was the master a music  well mostly on the violin. One day he was at school but his littel  son cald jack. One day his bruther mest whith his violin. But now it was  completly out of tuen  mum he mest whith my violin jack wat it was not me are you shor yes ok i will ceep a aie on him ok mum i can here you. O ye  you no you can whisper ok k fine you got us . I new it bbut dont do that plees.



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