The Coastline chapter 1

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There was once a very old, train track.It was about thousand years old .Ellie,Georgie and Neve were going to the beach, Ellie saw a train track they all ran to it.”What is it” shouted Georgie”it’s a train track said Ellie.Before they noticed Neve climbed the train track and a train was coming… Ellie  jumped and grabbed Neve then Ellie and Neve fell off they other side ”are you all right ”shouted Georgie from they other side ”yes”said Ellie and Neve… to be continued      

The coastline

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Wilf walked along the trainline and saw a big gap of the train track. Wilf thought the train would fall down and crash and blow up. He went on the train and tried to pull the breaks but he pulled it too hard and it broke! He had to go on the top of the train and put the breaks on. It didn’t work at all and it went on a little bit. Then there was a curve and it was about to fall down and he put asll the breaks on and it worked and the train didn’t fall down.

The coastline

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chapter 1

Jay’s first slug .


One sunny day Jay was waking along the beach and saw a bridge. He waked through the bridge and he suddenly he was in a new place . slug land .  his dad had tolled him about it.

to be continued!

The Coastline

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Once upon a time there was a fish man.There were 2 children they saw a the bright side of   the fish man.He  saved the trains but everyone thought it was superman…TO BE CONTINUED. DNDNDN!

The Coastline

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One windy day there was a ugly green spotty alien that lived under the day he went into the sea and then he got out of the sea and got a ice cream . it was midnight there was some children ho saw the alien the children are called Chris and Sara .

to be continued.

The Coastline

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Use the photo below to write a descriptive story. Try to remember to use story language and lots of descriptions. I wonder if you can show how your characters are feeling throughout your story!


The History Of Lego

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Lotus Class have made the following animation to explain how Lego was invented. Let us know what you think by leaving us a comment.

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