Invention Topic

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What have you most enjoyed learning about in our invention topic? What is the most interesting thing you have learnt? Add a comment below.

3 times tables

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Jo went to the beach.

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Connectives extend sentences to make them more interesting. Improve the above sentence using a connective. I wonder how many different endings we can think of!


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I love dogs as you can tell! They are so cute, soft and protective.

Here are some facts about dogs:they can only see in black and white, they can sense disease if acting strangely, they are always jealous about something, when their tails are wagging it doesn’t always mean there happy because sometimes it means there angry and their back hairs stand up on end when they don’t know another dog.Here is a picture of two amazingly cute dogs in a basket:  Dogs are very talented and can run very fast however if they run too fast they can hurt themselves. 



I have a dog called Milly she is a lurcher x and is black and white. She is 8 years old and we got her towards the end of febuary in 2012. My nan used to have a german sheperd dog called Rebbie but sadly he died when he was 14.My dog always gets up on the sofa when she is offered or if she’s naughty she will be selfish and get up on her own like this dog here: I have lots of books about dogs. 


hope you enjoyed my post

by Sasha

Third day at Baboro

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Yesterday we saw one show and a rugby match.

The show we saw was called The Tragical Life of Cheeseboy. The amazing show came all the way from Australia to Ireland. The story was about a boy made of cheese who floated when he ate cheese, and his parents, who were also made of cheese, died when a meteorite hit their planet, which was made of … cheese. His adventure was to try to find his parents, but he never did. It was a sad show, but very imaginative and varied. It was really good. It was my second favourite show of the festival, after The Odyssey Experience.


At 5:00 pm we went to a rugby match between La Rochelle and Connacht. We supported the local  team, Connacht. I went with my cousins, James and Daniel. Connacht thrashed La Rochelle, 48 – 12.

second day at Baboro

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Today we saw two shows.

We started off with Flying Cow ,which was a cool dance show. There were three performers. Flying Cow was a cross between dance, ballet and gym, they did very impressive lifting. The audience ,which consisted of lots of schools and nurseries, were very noisy.

The second show we saw was a funny puppet show about looking after some zoo animals. The puppets didn’t look that realistic, but you could easily tell what they were. My favourite puppet was the sloth.  There was a monkey without a tail, because it actually wasn’t a monkey at all, it was an ape (they thought it was a monkey). While they were looking for the tail, they picked children out of the audience and pretending to pull off their pony tails, in case it was the monkey’s tail. They did this to my sister Ana. I thought it was a really funny and good show.

Our final experience was at a luminarium called Amococo.  It looked like a big bouncy castle on the outside, but inside it was all different colours and the light shone through to make it really cool. Unfortunately you couldn’t bounce on the sides. It was awesome.

The Romans and the stone

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Peter and Ben were off for a walk in the Welsh woods, where they lived. They had just been learning about the Romans at school. Suddenly Ben tripped on a stone “Ooof!” he said as he fell over.

“What is it?” asked Peter. They both pulled the massive stone away from were it lay. To their surprise there was a bundle of steps leading down. Without hesitating they went down into the dark gloomy cave. Suddenly they both realised where they were. They were in the Roman times!

“Where is everybody?” asked Ben

“Don’t you remember,” said Peter “They’re in war,” he said. Then a big ship appeared on the horizon. It came closer. None of the boys spoke as it approached, they could vaguely see figures walking around on deck. Suddenly it came and moored up. Next the Romans all came off in masses, they found them and took them to the Emperor, Julius Caesar. Next he gave them a sword and shield to go into BATTLE with! After that Peter and Ben got back on the ship with the Romans and headed off to battle.

When they arrived at the beach they could see that the Romans had been fighting the Saxons hard consequently they were winning. First they got into wedge formation and marched into battle. It was quite scary for the boys at first because they had never been in battle before. The Saxons came charging at them in terrible line! The Romans battered most off the first lot off with there shields. Suddenly Ben fell over “Help!” he shrieked but nobody heard him. The battle went on for days maybe even weeks! Eventually everybody stopped and went back to the ship.

“Oh no not the long boring journey back,” thought Peter. So they all  got back on the ship and went home. But back on the ship another ship attacked them. Now you see Romans were good on the land fighting but not good at battles on the sea. The other ship now had canons!

Suddenly it fired one but just missed by an inch. The next time it hit and made a massive, dark and scary hole in the boat, suddenly out off the mist appeared another roman ship. This one did have canons and hit the other ship several times, but the other ship’s men had now started swinging themselves over to the Roman’s ship! There was a big confusion between the Romans of what to do then at the last minute they got into formation ON THE SHIP! Suddenly the Romans charged at the baddies ,who had swung across to the Romans ship. Then the enemy saw the power of the Romans and extremely quickly retreated to the safety of there ship. It took them longer than they had expected because of there crossing with the different ship. Thankfully   they did not meet any more ships on the way.

Finally they got back ,but as soon as Peter and Bens feet touched dry land there was a flash and they both found themselves back in the Welsh woods.

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