Half Term Fun!

November 12th, 2013 | Posted by Theo in Holidays | Homework - (2 Comments)

On the last Saturday I went to a Halloween party.  There was a spooky treasure hunt, where we had to find body parts to build a skeleton.  The body parts were hidden around a huge field. It was dark and very windy, we had to use torches to see where we were going. It was fantastic fun! We found all the body parts except one arm.

MC Escher

November 12th, 2013 | Posted by Finn in Learning - (1 Comments)


On 12.11.13 we had a go at drawing one of MC Eschers drawings. We tried really hard to make a tessellated pattern.

my half term

November 12th, 2013 | Posted by Isaac in Holidays - (0 Comments)

First i went downstairs and started playing on minecraft.A  few hours later mum came in and said  ” Have you had breakfast”and i said ”No””Well have some then”.next Lily and Alice came down and said ”You have to go to dad’s house at six oclock.”

skate park

November 12th, 2013 | Posted by Eleanor in Homework - (1 Comments)

I went to victoria park and i did lots of tricks. I went on the massive half pipe. I went with my friend Jay.

My Half Term

November 12th, 2013 | Posted by Harry in Homework - (0 Comments)

In my half term I went to Cornwall. My sister and I went to Fristal Beach and watched the surfers surf the extremely big waves, we also made a big hole in the sand, I fell in. We also made a circle of muscle shells and put stones around them to protect them from the sea.
We went to Pizza Express with Mummy, Daddy and Daddys’ work friends.
My favourite part of my holiday in Cornwall was the beaches and watching the big waves.

My half term

November 12th, 2013 | Posted by William in Homework - (0 Comments)

This half term my cousins and my sister and I did pumpkin carving. It was a great day, we had lots of fun!

My half term

November 12th, 2013 | Posted by Felix in Homework - (1 Comments)

Firstly I woke up at 6:o clock and went into the attic to play amazingly on the awesome ps3 . I played on it for an hour and went downstairs to have an awesome breakfast . I got some wheatabix and watched my favorite programme and it is called Adventure Time. The main character is somebody called Finn and he also has a cool and unfocused dog called Jake plus / + he can stretch so he can turn into anything, oh and his golden fur is a lovely shade of yellow.

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