The firework

November 6th, 2014 | Posted by Isaac in Learning | Stories - (2 Comments)

One night there was boy called Sam and a girl called Lily .They  got in the car and suddenly they dissepped from the car and went into a candyland  and found a big firework and it setoff  with candy into a candy school for girls and one next door for boys they were the only schools on candyland and one nursry . suddenly they saw a hole and junped down it and they were back in the car and they said that was an incitement!!! By Lily B and Isaac B


The firework

November 6th, 2014 | Posted by Daniel in Learning | Stories - (4 Comments)

One day there lived two boy called Charlie and Daniel . They went on a walk with there dog called Freddie . They saw some fireworks and Freddie was scared. Then the sky went  all colourful then  they were in another would. Suddenly  they found there self in the middle of a  wood .Then suddenly there dog started to talk YIKES! “Hey mate what you doing let’s go over their “ok ” this building is weird .I don’t like the look of this YIKES! it is a minatour lets run for are lives. To be continued


November 5th, 2014 | Posted by Mr Bennett in Learning - (1 Comments)

This week we are learning to write playscripts, take a look at Freddie P and Izzy’s super efforts.


Ruby is working really hard on her handwriting this week, she should be proud!


Oscar uses Semi Colons!

November 5th, 2014 | Posted by Mr Bennett in Learning | Progress - (1 Comments)

Oscar has learnt how to use semi colons this week and has managed to use them correctly in his writing. Well done Oscar!


Georgie & Izzy’s Pen Licence Success

November 5th, 2014 | Posted by Mr Bennett in News - (3 Comments)

Congratulations to Georgie and Izzy who have received their pen licence today. To receive a pen licence you need to:

1) Keep your writing on the lines.
2) Join all your letters correctly.
3) Keep your letters all the same size.



Yesterday (3rd of November) I got my first three bronze certificates after Violin, it was very exiting getting them because Iv’e been working hard on it for ages!

I am not that far off from getting my silver certificate, if I keep on going I will be really good at maths and i won’t struggle.

I loooooove mathletics! by Sasha

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