The coustline.

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Once upon a time there lived a little boy with his brother and they lived in a little bungalow they lived on there own because there mum and dad died by ]ZOMBIES. And that’s were are story begins .There  once lived 100 zombies they lived on this big coastline and the boy’s new they keped  killing people there house was right next to the coastline they had weapons to defend there self they had killed lots of the zombies but there still were 100 hundred lefed they had done well there farther had teeched them how to you’s there weapen’s be for he died  when all of a sudden crunch there dad died they servied however they didn’t now there mum had died  they have just killed all the zombies but no they have to still kill the hi lord they won the fight agains the I be continued…

the coset lien

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the branch  fell on the boat the boat sunk the people swam to they walk a big star shone on them then whoosh the wold wen green then blue then red then black it was silent.

chapter 2

as the sun shone on them the wold was big and briet as they trujd ulon 1 of them called jay was hungrier and hungrier the he fell as his face hit the ground it was soft and spunjea and sweet the they found out that it was mash mellow and they ate and ate.

chapter 3

The Coustline part 1

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One day there was  a three people walking along the pear.Suddenly their were monsters under the bridge.As fast as lightning they shot up and suddenly they blocked the end.Then they got a rope and wiped be continued…

The coastline

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One day there lived a poor girl who lived under an old, rusty and tall train track-however it was quite nice-that used to carry coal on the trailers. That girl was called Tess and she had three pets that were dogs, they were called Molly and Polly.

One day she saw ten smugglers ranging around the track however Tess was scared because she didn’t want to get into trouble for going out on her own. She heard them whispering about trying to get coal to heat up and get crystals out of them.

After she had seen the smugglers walking back to there boat there was a big crash, it was the rocks coming in from the big, beautiful and swaying sea.

Something caught Tess’ eye it was a big pitch black stone that went into knowere…….

To be continued

the coastline

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once a pone a time lived a man called bob he was going onto the train to itally and once he got on he said ‘ive got a bad feeling about this train”.when they reached the beach he sore some green things it looked like a goblin digging the railway track away. the people shouted’stop the train or we will crash’we cant called the captin.because the train is to big we will have to crash.then they fell of the train track and landed in a strange place it was like chocolate land it was everyone called.then children ran out of the train and ate all of the chocolate and then it turned into the land of hell and lava what could they do then suddenly all the children fell in and then it was land of icecream.It was all the places ever but then they got fooled and the goblins were putting a telly in front of us and we were watching telly but then we were back at home again.





The costline

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One day a boy called Jay was walking on wet sand. Then this big green goblin jumped on him WOOSH. He was standing on what he thought he was but it was mash mellow. Then he looked around  to be continued…

The Coastline Part 1

October 22nd, 2014 | Posted by Ruby in Learning - (1 Comments)

The  little girl called Lily wanted to jump of the coastline and she went in she saw a gold , sparkley shiny fish and then saw lovely looking star fish she wanted to catch it and sam to land.TheEND!!!!!!

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