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Today I went to the American Museum.  It was very interesting because I found out lots of facts.  I really enjoyed it.  I loved the grand dresses and the Indian Chief headdress.  There were really pretty gardens and grounds, which we played in.  It was huge!!!!!!!!!


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This book is by Michael Morpurgo. As a result here is a 12 year old boy called Aman and lives in Afghanistan with his Mother and Grandmother sadly his Dad dies because of the Afghans and also the grandmother dies because the Police jabbed here and died. On the way hey are trying to walk all the way to England because his Uncle Mir lives there and they found a little Springer Spaniel and they follow her to…

Brilliant,Beautiful,Busy BRIXHAM!

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Last week we went to Brixham which I think was one of the best holidays EVER!!We stayed at my Grandma and granddad’s flat . We went on a steam train to Dartmouth and a ferry to Torquay. I went on a quad bike and went to a massive splash park with heated water slides. The slides were surprisingly long, fast and had little wave pools inbetween. It was great fun! My verdict – BRIXHAM RULES!!

I liked the book because it was very adventurous and nice

By Florence

Guinea pigs

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Two of  my  eight guinea pigs had babies.  They are really cute.

A great day at Bowood !

August 3rd, 2014 | Posted by Tom in Holidays - (2 Comments)

Yesterday I went to Bowood and it was really great fun. My friends and I played in the adventure park then we went down to the cascade and I caught a Perch in the stream with my hands, everyone was really shocked. Everyone else had a shower in the waterfall !!

My first book review

August 3rd, 2014 | Posted by Tom in Book Reviews - (1 Comments)

I have just really enjoyed reading Collins book of Dinosaurs. It tells you lots of different information and interesting facts about dinosaurs. The age of dinosaurs began 230 million years ago. In this book it also tells you individual fact files e.g. Megalosaurus’ name means great lizard and it lived in France and the United Kingdom. My favourite part of the book was the Dinosaur Anatomy page which showed you where all the dinosaur organs were. I would recommend this book to Age 6-10 year olds.

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