The Huge Wasp

May 5th, 2017 | Posted by Talia in Learning - (0 Comments)

One day there was a a bee hive,with a queen wasp.She was so old that she had grey hairs growing from her head.There was a girl called Susan and she didn’t like the wasp so Susan hit it and it slowly started growing bigger and bigger.”AAAAAAAHHHHHHH.” shouted Susan!The wasp stung Susan and she screamed she as loud as she could! she ran and the wasp chased her and the other wasps started chasing Susan so she ran into the house,slammed the door and ran upstairs to tell  her mum and dad what had happened! The queen wasp banged on the front door and smashed it open…

Giant Bee

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One day there was a farm and there was a bee hive  in it.The bee hive is pretty small and it can just fit food in it. One of the bees was so greedy it ate all the food and after two years it was massive and it was destroying everything…


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Lucy was a nice, happy and cheerful little girl. She had 2 brothers and 1 big sister. There names  Lucy Edmund Peter and Susan. they got avacuated to a house and when they got there they were at a huge house. they went upstais to have dinner after dinner lucy went to eplore the house and she found a wardrobe.


Wasps are out there

May 5th, 2017 | Posted by Anna in Learning - (0 Comments)


One day there was a festival and Kiria and her friend Abbey  went to it they found it very fun and there was littraly everything there   they  both loved festivals and the also loved carnivals but this time they were at a festival. It was slightly strange because there was a lot of like man made statues ( I mean come on you don’t normally get man made statues at a festival). Anyway this story is about well when Kiria and Abbey were walking along the little track way were all the statues were, suddenly, Abbey said ”Look,” the wasp statue is moving. And infact Abbey was exatley right the wasp statue was moving because this giant wasp had been nauty and came to the festival tried to protend he was and man made statue and …

Wasps Invade Britan

May 5th, 2017 | Posted by Tilly in Learning - (0 Comments)

One day wasps invaded Britan and the queen wasp demanded the young to train for the wasp war suddenly a giant wasp came and  that made the wasp win against all human kind. One year later another war started against all animals and the wasps win again!!!!!!!

The world of odor

May 5th, 2017 | Posted by William in Learning - (0 Comments)

One day there was a big hornet flying in the world of it  fed like space it had more than 10000000000000 million stars in it the hornet traveled from every amazing star  to star.The white pale and glowing stars just stayed there in  the big world of fed it was made to have loads of stars in it there were people shooting at them there were glowing green and  red 006 in it the hornet wondered why such a odd number was in a big pale ship with amazing great big water fountain there was loads of great big ships with big and great ruby and gold beacon it had loads of guns and lasers. It had lots of people shouting and screaming in load and raging voices.The doors where rusty and creaky they were like gates and  they had people fighting there were people saying 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 slam down.They had to make a big dare and one person jumped into space and they had frozen to death they had shields and you saw people gliding into space with no shield.Suddenly he crashed into the big world and it suddenly made the hornet turn on fire ahhhhhhhhhhh he shouted ahhhhhhhhhhhhh it realy herts ima die!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The world of hulo

May 5th, 2017 | Posted by Janko in Learning - (0 Comments)

One day a hulo with is like a bee but giant make a egg then There was a swarm of them.They attacked because they want revenge on there master who turned him into a hulo. When they busted in the swarm however, groot with the guardians defeated some however that was worthless it was like the end of the WORLD! groot said (i am groot) if they defeated one they grow back bigger than normal it was crazy. Everyone ran for there live it was the end of the world actually. The people hated it no one was gonna survive this swarm. It felt like it however it didn’t happen when the guardians of the galaxy gone in the core of the hulo the tried to get in. Groot could get in and he keeps pointing at the wrong button on the bomb. Finally,  he gone down to the core while star lord was detracting the boss hulo when groot reached the core groot pressed the stitches and the right button it gave them 5 mins to escape however it looked like he was gonna die all of a sudden. his dad rescued him because rocket raccoon gave him a jet pack and then his father froze but his son survived because the father game him a special suit that  made him survive it. It was the ultimate sacrifice sadly. They did a funeral. Then the hulo ended the end…

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