Galaxy Destroyer

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There was a boy and his friend that decided to go On a journey When they went on the journey they walked deep into the forest  and They further than they’ve ever been before Suddenly the mountain and they have been standing On fell apart Ford a massive stone figure with a massive Stone tool stuck in its chest Just then it  shot a massive boulder at him he mad a shape with his hands And it’s made a shield around him protecting him from the falling Boulder.He was the Rock God he really that he had to save the all every single Galaxy  even the planet that his worst nemesis lived on he had to make a massive statue to defeat this one it will be a hard job but he had to do it otherwise the galaxies of the world will be destroyed.Realised he can do it on his own so we had to call his worst enemy from the worst planet ever but they were extremely good builders they would be a very good help.30 made the rocket out of frogs and sent into space asteroid to the planet he wanted and he asked them really nicely  they didn’t say yes the first time When he said I’ll give you all of the cookies that I have they would definitely in these creatures they will crazy for cookies if you’d even say they were cookie crazy.Better give some cookies to them now so they can have a sugar rush and build it extra quickly I know they have sugar rush to They were hyper after and building so quickly it was done in a blink of an eye I know they’re sugar Rushes major lucky that they don’t come to our son and get all the cookies that there are millions.So hope they can destroy the world in minus one second Want to build a massive robot and we had sent it back to us we gave them a lot of cookies that we didn’t give them Looking to build good otherwise they could build a rocket get to us and then destroy the rocket and built up in major.When you go back to work needed it to the place where the child was but it wasn’t there anymore the whole place of being destroyed then they saw it was heading for bed now I know he’s screaming jumping inside the heart of his   good monster He controlled it from the inside he summoned some Rocks so he could fight him fairly he Swung his swords in the air and hit him the gem and he was getting weaker! And that was only one hit he swung and his sword swung around so fast his sword became a Bler it hit him and pushed him backwards in a burst of flames.It was a long and Furious fight but in the end the good rock Monster one!

the evil hamster

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once upon a time there was an evil hamster.

angus: hey do you  want to go on an easter egg hunt.

albie: ok lets go in the jeep.

angus: ok now we are here.

albie: lets go to the easter egg hunt reception and get are basket.

angus: now we have are baskets lets go and find some eggs.

jessica: oh hi can i help you find some eggs.

albie: ok.

angus: thats fine we can share them at the end.

jessica: there is an egg up there let me get it.

angus: but how did she get up there.

albie: i dont know.

Eeor and Elma

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The donkeys had been looking for a baby donkey called Elma for hours. After 1 hour a lazy and dumb donkey called Eeor already wanted to stop looking however the mother of the baby donkey made him carry on. ” Can’t we go searching for sticks to build my home instead?” asked Eeor ( looking excited) . ” No!” shouted the baby donkey’s mother.

After another 2 hours Eeor found the baby donkey. ” Gather round everyone I have found the baby donkey.” shouted Eeor. All the donkeys gathered round a little hole in the ground. “Hello, but how did she get up there?” asked Eeor. ” You mean down,” replied the baby donkey’s mother.

Bang went the old wooden door as Ethal Hallow rushed down the stairs to answer it and it was her non magical sister Esmirelda. Ethal and her sisters went to a witching school sadly, Esmirelda lost her powers because she was tricked. As Ethal loved her sister so much she thought of a spell to keep her sister in the tower. The problem was Ethal had 2 sisters. Sibal Hallow the youngest sister had got in there and had been trapped. Suddenly Esmirelda heard a scream she went into the tower and saw Sibal on the roof! But how did she get up there thought Esmirelda she got her powers back with the schools founding stone.

Mutant carrots

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This is where our story begins we are in a crocodile village we are going to a very special  croc because he is the son of the chief and his dad is very aggressive croc he will eliminate anyone! That’s why he doesn’t have any friends until they came along.He jumped up a tree his dad saw him but how did he get up there I here you asc. Well he  was able to do lot’s

Of stuff the uther croc’s could not do he was running from mutant carrot’s the only why to defeat it was to eat them so he did it took an hour.

Tess in a Mess

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As the witches flew on their broomsticks to the entrance of the big castle-like school Tess sat up on her broomstick hoping that she would make a good start, besides if she fell off her broomstick she would fall into the huge lake that surrounded the witching school. When she flew down to the huge dooors and greeted Mrs Cobwebb. Tess hopped off her broomstick and carried it to her room that she had stayed in last term. In the room there were a couple of shelves on the wall, a bookshelf, a bed and a window but the window isn’t furniture so that didn’t count. When the girls had unpacked their bags they went down to potion classes where Miss Side-lock was waiting. She was making sure all the ingredients were laid out on the wooden ingredients table. But Tess slipped on a loose frog and glided across the floor, landing at Miss Side-lock’s feet. “Oof, witches wood floor burn” groaned Tess. Her friend Ceycey helped her up… TO BE CONTINUED

the master’s castle

March 20th, 2018 | Posted by Spike in Learning - (1 Comments)

one day in the world of wolfs the was a castle and all the wolfs live there are fire wolfs, water wolfs , elctric wolfs and finnaly there are the  flying wolfs there the ones who get the food so the feed the uther wolfs they do it because if theget in danger the can fly away from the animals thw live in harm ny and love to have a mid day napp because they are very tired but once the was a wolf called Bobby and he was a new type posion and the breed with the flying and made more pousin and made a flying posion type that is the secret dragons land the world is called wow world of wolfs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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