candy world

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Once upon a time in a land far far away there lived a whole world full of chocolate! in fact there was a band called the candy crushers and it was there big day because they where auditioning for the candy factor  but one of there icicles it was completely out of tune !They were very excited  but then they started to get eaten by there favorite thing and best friend doo ba doo ba doo there pet dog!But just then they got saved by  chocolate bread !So then they went to find the competition and then they lived happily ever after!                                                                                 the end

by dylan

The ukulele that was out of tune

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Once upon a time there was a girl called Lilly and she just started ukulele lessons. A few years went by and Lilly was doing really well and was in grade two. One day, Lilly went to her ukulele lesson and her teacher said “Lilly, would you like to preform your ukulele in front of people in Covent Gardens?” “Oh Lilly!” Said her Dad amazed and proud. “I’d love to!” Said Lilly excitedly. The day came and Lilly was practicing behind stage. “You can do it” said her Mum smiling. Lilly walked onto stage and started playing her first piece of music. “Gosh!” Said Lilly cross it was completely out of tune. That then taught Lilly a lesson to always check her ukulele was in tune before she stated playing it.

The tune problem

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Once upon a time there lived a boy called Jack he wads very poor .MUM! come here my violin is out of tune and it was completely out of  tune. Then he felt himself being sucked into the violin . MOTHER WHATS HAPPENING TO ME? I don,t know .his mother  replied .SAVE ME MOTHER! but there was no saving him now he was already in the  world or violins . Suddenly , he got thrown out of the world of violins     when he got home he was in his comfy bed . and he lived happily ever after


The Abandoned music theatre. (1)

February 12th, 2019 | Posted by Heath in 100wc | Learning - (1 Comments)

In the wood was a cottage and in the cottage lived Daisy she loved going by the abandoned village deep in the woods and looking around. One day she went deeper then ever before towards HUGE and HUGE no MASSIVE glass doors it was so big the plants couldn’t creep in. Then a boy came after named Heath with another girl named Megan they opened the doors and the vines crept in and as they shut it behind them Megan wanted to go out she pulled but the doors didn’t open! Daisy found a flute she blew NO SOUND it was completely out of tune! A genie appeared…

By Heath (more to come!)

the magic violin .

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One night, i the rich citys of Avantia , a boy called Tom was walking down the street until he found an abandoned violin just sitting there like a bored old man . Tom thought it was glourious and he took it home to try it out and have a little play with it. when he got home to his mum and dad he told them all about it and for some reason it started to glow gold ! And as soon as he got to his bedroom to play it ……it was completly out of tune .He got so upset that he threw his violin in the bin .

Blubber Mouth

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Sam was a bit of a blubber mouth, he even admitted it. If he was allowed he would just keep talking and talking forever. He wasn’t allowed to say any more than 50 words over the dinner table or else he would loose 50 minutes on his xbox live.

One day Sam woke up bright and early. “Morning me”he said. His voice was all crabby and low. It was completely out of tune! He legged it down the stairs. “Mum, my high squeaky voice has disappeared” he yelled, but there was nothing his mum could do, Sams voice was stuck low forever.


The boy who never gave up

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One day a boy called Alex had a dream to be a musician. He played the guitar the piano and the drums.His favorite was to play the piano.He entered a competition and he could only play the guitar.Alex went home and practiced and  practiced.It soon became the day when he went to the competition.When he got there he got very nervous.


30 minutes later

It was Alex’s turn and the crowd was full of people.Alex got up on started to play.IT WAS COMPLETELY OUT OF TUNE!

Alex ran of the stage very sad.His mum made him feel better by giving him a box of chocolates.

The End

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