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Professor was on the way to school when he met a crocodile on the path.  His head twisted around and he walked forward and turned around.  The croc was following him!  He walked all the way to school and let himself and the croc in.  He went to the classroom and opened the purple door.  The class filed in and stroked the croc on the way in.  They had a very difficult maths lesson.  The croc enjoyed looking at Bella’s work and played with Nick at playtime.  Finally, the croc was very tired and went to bed with the pupils…

Crocodile swamp!

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Once upon a time in South Africa there was a muddy and dirty swamp lots of animals lived there including the Crocodile!!! But there was a secret service crocodile called Professor croc all the other crocodiles were like all other crocs they were WILD!!! One day professor croc found the swamp and decided     to tightrope along it! So he did! Looking down at the gross purple twisted difficult water and then thought to himself I can do this! Then he took a deep breath and then he bravely, scardly started to walk along the thing he was shaking in fear and almost fell of!

The furious andriod

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One day there was a little boy called Theo. he loved robots and tech stuff.He made a robot called android he went to the prefessor and the android went mad.he blew up the whole building!For some reason there was a crocodile that was purple!They ran to a place and there was a maze to get one million pounds!It was very difficuilt!They eventuly done it and there was one million pounds!!!They just saw a twisted snake in the money.Theo killed the snake and he took the one million pounds in a bag so he rand back home and went to bed…

Magic land

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One day there was a girl how was called Eve and she wanted to lean how to do magic. Her friend Megan and she was teaching Eve to do magic and her dad called professor crocodile and he colled magic a purple cat. And it was very difficult to do it but when Eve got to lean a magic trick she went to a magic land… and there was twisted magic sweets and Eve colled do any magic tricks but she mised her friend but she had to do a game of twister so she did it but she didn’t get far……………….


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One day Angus Professer,a forth grade kid asked his teacher if he could go to the toilet.Now this would of been a completely normal thing apart from there was something lurking in the toilets that long ago vanished into myth.As in the toilet lived a male twisted tale crocodile.In third grade Angus’ class learned about this type of croc.When Angus’ bottom touched the toilet seat and ear splitting ROAR stopped him.Angus jumped back,startled by the enormous sound.he backed of some more but when he turned round to tell his class he found himself face to face with the purple croc…

The Magic Jack

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One day Ella and her family went to a park. As soon as they had left Ella’s dad just remembered that he had left his phone at their house. So they had to turn around and drive back again.

About an hour later they finally, arrived at the park. To there surprise all they saw was a purple crocodile! They went to ask the profeser but he was a quite difficult person to get hold of.

Soon after that Ella ran into a tree and twisted her ankle. ” What do you think you are doing falling over like that.”asked Jack with a smile on his face…

The Useful Stick

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WALT:Use paragraphs.                                                               22.9.17



One windy day two children(called Freya and Isabel) decided to take a trip to the zoo.”Please let us go to the zoo with our friends.”begged the children.”Alright you can go,”sighed their mum.”Thank you, thank you.” shouted the children with joy.


So of they went to the zoo with their friends Shara, Hannah, Chloe, Olivia and Emily. When they arrived there, they ran straight to the hippo enclosure.”Oh, look at those hippos,” said Isabel. Suddenly, the glass that was holding the hippos in cracked!


Quickly, they ran out of the zoo got in the car and drove away back to their houses!    

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