the disaster…

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One day there was a huge volcano.It shot cream eggs!The village was scared that it will shoot cream eggs out and it is up the cliff.It was above the clouds so you do not know when it is going to shoot.Suddenly,they heard a noise…IT WAS THE VOLCANO!!!!The volcano splattered with cream!The village called the POLICE FORCE to shoot down the volcano because it’s a dangerous thing.A egg broke and exploded and it injured 79 people but know one died and that’s the good thing.A little boy was crying in the hospital because his mum got injured.THERE MIGHT BE MORE WATCH OUT!

I miss you Westwood

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tell the children i miss them a lot and I will be at the summer fate. And you will be my favorites school ever.

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I  was riding a donkey then the air was cold all around me…


It started when I went to the beach to get some ice cream and then I saw a donkey  ride that was free.

So I went on the donkey to ride lt all around the

Beach. Suddenly, there was a gray cloud blocking

The sun and it was dark so we had to cum back .

Then when I rode the donkey back there was a storm coming .Then the air was cold all around me.

It was pouring with rain and I was soaking wet

With sadness.

The Lonely Street

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One dark stormy night  a girl called Ella was walking down a lonely street and the air was cold all around her! She wondered what it was but didn’t really mind so she just kept walking ,then  when she was home she looked outside and saw nothing!Her mum came in and said have you packed Ella looked puzzled and said no so she went up to pack, when she came down her mum was there and she took Ella’s stuff and put it in the car and drove off.


After a while,her mum came back and Ella’s dad and brother went into the car and drove off  again.After a few days strange things started to happen and after a month no one saw her again

The Chicken To The Rescue

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The Chicken To The Rescue


One day while I was feeding my chicken (Grace) a awful thing happened!!!!!!!!!!


I ran inside, the cold air was around me as I walked in!! Know one or thing was in the kitchen apart from dust, sadness and my chicken and me.” What has happened!” Cried India (That is her name). “I need to help my Mother” I told myself. “But what can I do to help,” I asked my chicken.” Bra bra bra,” clucked Grace. India hugged her chicken tight.”I am not letting go of you as well.” India said kissing Grace on the head.


A few hours later, I had thought what I could do to help my Mum! “I can track them down with my magnifying glass!” I told my chicken. While I made my super I packed a few things to take with me on my journey. I gave my chicken some food and then packed some in my bag.


I was in the middle of eating a snack in the woods when I heard a scream! I followed my chicken to where the scream had come from. I found my Mum because of my chicken!!!



Running away

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I was riding in the summers sun when Suddenly cold air was all around me…
It all started when I had a bad day. A argument with my best friend, my mum sending  me to my room at 6:00 pm to go to bed and my sisters funeral after she had died in a car crash. I had wanted to go to the stables to see Rolo (my horse) however I didn’t want to get mum more upset and angry than she already was.  Days went by and my mum got more stressed and angry when one night, I overheard her talking on the phone saying she couldn’t handle me and wanted to put me in a children’s home. That was when I decided she didn’t love me therefore I would run away.
The next morning my mum looked tired and she said to me “all right Ira sweety?” I mumbled a reply under my breath however didn’t look at her and carried on eating my cereal. Soon after, my mum went to get dressed and have a shower. I grabbed my biggest backpack and stuffed it with clothes, food and everything I  would need to survive on my own. I quickly tacked up Rolo and we were of!
I didn’t know where I was going to go consequently, I went down my favourite riding path. she carried on going however, went down the path that was opposite to the way home. Slowly, I eased Rolo into a trot and we carried on down the long sandy and dusty path. I glanced at the noisey sea and I new, deep down, I would miss my house and my mum. Suddenly, tears sprang down my cheeks and I quickly made Rolo canter.
A while later, we came across a bridge. I encouraged Rolo go over the bridge but now…I wish I hadn’t. As soon as Rolo’s hoof touched the ground snow started falling, the bridge started to collapse and in shock Rolo chucked me on to the solid ground! As I woke up, I realized Rolo was still next to me. “He’s a good sport.” I thought.

I felt the cold air around me and I knew I had gone to far…

A New Holiday

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Breaking news!

A plane has crashed on the way to the

USA from China. One 61 year old man

died and a woman and her daughter

could not be found, aged ten and 41………


In a forest far away, Abby was cautiously panicking about trying to find her mum, “MMMUUUUMMMM!!!!!!” screamed Abby. Suddenly, a reply came…“ABBY!! IS THAT YOU???!!!!!!” answered her mum. “Stay there!!! I WILL find you!!”shouted her mum again. A few minutes latter, she heard rustling in the leaves….. Out came her mum!!! “Mum!” yelled Abby. “Abby!” yelled her mum. “The air is cold all around me,”commented Abby, “Yes, I know. We need a shelter as it is almost 7pm and getting dark.” “Ok, I’ll get some firewood and palm tree leaves to sleep on and under.” replied Abby.

A few minutes later, they had come back into the clearing and was starting to make the fire, a den and beds. They loved it in the jungle and decided to live there for a year and a bit…..

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