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WALT-write 4 VCOP sentences                                                                                                 Oscar               8.12.17


Gracefully, he skiped down the stirs and grabed the pizza and ate ite for a mid knight feest at 1.00 in the morning.

As Jo sprinted down the school enjoying exploring oround andthen Mr Rockey got realey told of.

Sudenly i walk down the stepps.

he fell  (as he screemed.


VCOP Sentences

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I stood on a snail as well as a toy snake.

Gracefully, Lebasi skipped to her friends house.

Suddenly, a dog, a chicken, a cow, a sheep, a horse, a pony, a donkey, a rabbit and a cat jumped into the sea from a cliff!!

First, you need to turn the oven on… 

vcpo challenge

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WALT-Write 4 vcop sentences                                                                            8.12.17


  1. Hurry up john you are not going on the round bout okay said the sad John!
  2. John went to the toilet because he want’t to get swallowed in to a world.
  3. Suddenly, he got sucked in.
  4. Have a great time john at the party.

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sam rushed to school.

jack followed although he was hiding!

sam frowned because he had no friends

jack scared sam and he screamed!

v cop

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one day I saw a polar bear!!!!!!!!!!                                                                     8.12.17

Eventually I got freezing.

I see a marvelous snake yesterday.

I had a sandwich besides crisp.

WALT-Write 4 VCOP sentences

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It was snowing!

First I went on the snowy swings.

Before I go on the slid I go on the rounder bout.

Suddenly, I went to go to the shop.

4 Sentence challenge

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Suddenly, it started to snow quite heavily!

It felt a lot more christmassy because snow is very christmassy!

I was so excited (it hasn’t snowed heavily for ages)!!!!

Annoyingly, the fantastic snow didn’t settle on the floor (annoying).

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