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we got new computers and they are very fun and fast+i really like them.

chocolate fudge

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Today [July 3rd 2014] we made yummy chocolate fudge.

This Tuseday(01.07.14) I started martial arts.

We started with a warm up.Then we did some stretches.After that we got strait into the lesson.

During the lesson we played a game called zombie Ninjas but sometimes we play Dodge Ball or Splat!

Chocolate fudge

Today(03.07.14) we made chocolate fudge and in a couple of hours it will be ready to eat!

For info about how to make it check Harry’s blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In PE we did hop skip jump. You run then you hop [x 1] then step [x 1] then jump [x 1]

chocolate fudge making

July 3rd, 2014 | Posted by Honor in Learning - (1 Comments)

Today Thursday the 3rd of  July Lotus class made chocolate fudge it was fun weighing all the ingredients then stirring it up then leaving it to set I can’t wait to eat it !


For the people who died in the war Orchid and Lotus had a football game.Germany and England had a football game when it was Christmas day in the war.Lotus lost 3-0 to Orchid they were all own goals.

school is fun

July 3rd, 2014 | Posted by Freddie Moruzzi in Learning - (0 Comments)

Today we made some tasty rich and sweet chocolate fudge and I love it. I am going to tell you all the ingredients for chocolate fudge. so you need condensed milk , dark chocolate , butter then melt and stir it after that poor it in a tray then put it in the fridge.

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