The explosive egg!

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One day there was explorers looking in the cave to check for anything interesting there was a boy whose dad was one of these workers was his dad and he had a been very very very interested in caves since he was young his dad had been very very very interested in caves to. His whole family is very very very very very interested in caves. One day a giant egg landed on this workbench a giant one however, the egg cracked on the way suddenly it blew up then the world was never to been sean again… The end!


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Once there was a girl called Danualle and she was amazingly greedy. It was insane and her mother tried to put her on a diet (It didn’t work). That day when she was coming home from school  she  went to the shop and bought 50(!) Cadbury’s cream eggs. Finally, she took her last egg out of the box, dribble coming out of her mouth when something changed, suddenly the egg started growing! It grew and grew until it was bigger than the 50 meter park! Squashed, against the railings, of the park Danualle could hear shouting and screaming…  


                                                                           DON’T BE GREEDY


Anna + Susan

A Strange Egg

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Finally, Easter had arrived and the Hags had just got out of bed. Chloe and Livy (who are twins) ran down the stairs and put their boots on! “I bet I can beat you to find the first egg,” argued Chloe. Chloe ran out of the door leaving Livy behind putting her boots on.

Actually Chloe was wrong Livy found a egg first. “Look how big this egg is!” shouted Livy with pride, showing her parents her egg. ” Shall we have some after lunch,” asked their Mum.”Sure,” replied Livy.

Finally, Livy opened her egg ,chocolate came pouring out with three men surf boarding!

One day there was a Boy and his twine sisters they were called Ian and the twine sisters were called Alice and May. Ian wonted a creme egg but his Mum said” NO NO NO you are not alohave a creme egg because it is nilly dinner”. And Ian you have to look after May and Alice now come Ian you need to go done the stirs”.”But why Mum?” ” because  I need to go in the bath” ” ok but I hafe to give me the creme egg Mum gave him the creme egg Alice,May got the egg and droped it was men diuing…


The milky way egg!

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One day there was a space egg that was floating around in space however the space was milky way suddenly, a spaceship went (BANG) into the egg however, it fell although, it broke  the spell that made everything big then the people shrank.They went to explore the new world that they thought was cool they saw a big baby that was just about to eat the egg but as quick as lightning slapped him and the big egg cracked open when it fell out the baby’s hand. Suddenly, they removed the egg if they didn’t kaboom to the world!

The Exsploive egg

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Dear future life ,

I’m hoping to race around the egg that if you win it explodes all over the race track however it only comes of if you eat it less then a hour. Suddenly, the egg exploaded on the track even though it was only 96434567898765  more  laps in till the flag came out but in sted the yellow and red strighped flag came out.

“Look out for the egg on the race track “yelled all the racers at the same time. Due to the egg exsplosen the track had egg markes  on any part of the track the race was over for ever.

Exploding Egg

June 22nd, 2017 | Posted by Mya in 100wc - (1 Comments)

One day, three workmen were driving in their work van. When… A giant egg exploded! Someone’s garden had been flooded with gooey egg. Quick let’s go and sort it out! Bang bang. “Excuse me your garden has been flooded with egg goo!” “Oh I did not know that please can you sort it out,” “Of course.” “Jimmy go and stand on the goo and see if it’s safe!” “Let’s get some cones and come back tomorrow,”said Ben. “Bud go get the cones.”

“Wow the goo is hard let’s move it with our truck come on.

Yay we did it! Yes.

By Mya and Erin


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