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One day Abi was walking in the woods. Suddenly, a huge wasp came and threw her in a locked big room!  Slowly, she opened her eyes and saw she was a wasp! “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she screamed. Another wasp came in and said she needed to come out of there and do some wasp training! She was so scared she didn’t know what to say. They went out and they had to pose to be a wasp for everybody! “Ok when can I be human again,” said Abi. Tomorrow you will be back to normal and ready to go gym. 

One Week Later 

The winner is…



wasp man

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Ant man was on  a misson to defeat the wasp that was bigger then a sky sraeper this is bigger then you think. 999 hour later … the  battle is still going and the battle is still going on till 17th of May. Ant man has just Defeatesd  the masive beast.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     !the end!

The wasps army

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AAAAAAAHHHHHH! One day, the old queen wasp was annoying me so I hit it with my coat however I didn’t  relies that it was the queen wasp. The next day the queens daughter was crowned queen and she commanded all of the wasps to attack me. after lots of  planning they just decided to charge at me and sting me as much as they can. So they did and that is why I was screaming. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! That was me again. I now have decided now matter how much wasps annoy me I will just run away and not hit it with my coat. I would also suggest that know one hits a wasp because you never know it might be a queen wasp!


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This is a fake wasp .

The wasp is black , life like and yellow !

It’s like a deval and ragging inseced that can sting you !

If you want to touch it DON’T !

It has a a tail like lumps of fluffy snow .

Huge , giant  but not as big a sky scraper than .

Black wide eyes .

wings are  seethrou .

legs are long , hairy and creepy .

The Murderess

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In Cornwall there is an Eden Project, it has been on the news sins it opened up (which was a month ago.) It has been invaded by bees. It all started with a few bees sneaking in at night and they just kept on coming however, with more and more bees every time!

I visited it yesterday and I saw a massive bee, accept it was yellow and black instead of black and yellow!! It was about 7 foot 8 in size and 3 meters tall!!!….

The Hive

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Once there were two girls named Ana and Izzy (sisters).  Izzy was standing on the balcony (Ana was still asleep) when she saw a sight that made her heart stand still.  It was a gigantic wasp!!!!!!!!!!!  “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” yelled Izzy.  But then Izzy remembered that she was asleep in bed and Ana was beside her and that they were both fast asleep.  When she woke up and remembered the dream she forgot about breakfast. . .



The Great Wasp

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One day a little girl called Izzy was at school. She was at a club,that club was gardening club. She was planting some cucumbers and tomatoes. That day there were only five people there when there are normally twelve.

Just then the great wasp flew over to Izzy “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” She screamed. Then she remembered the ting she had to do. Quickly, she filled a bucket of water at the wasp and another and another and another! The wasp screamed with pain and flew away and was never seen again.

So now at the gardening club nothing unusual happens and now the wasp can’t eat all the vegetables!


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