The strange Hand behind the door

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Once there lived a boy who didn’t have any freinds. It reminded  me of a time when  I had no freinds and this is the story.One day I was  walking around and  had No one to play with.Suddenly, I saw something  in the wood . I  quickly ran into the wood and then I didn’t know were I was. I went  deeper into the  wood and I got  more lost .But then I saw the thing  in the wood and followed it. I took me to my school and I lived  happily because  I had some freinds.      And lived happily ever arter                                                                                                                  the end

when i got hacked

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ones a polit time i was wor king to my fends  hoes and as son as i got ther i sore a projeked  zorgo  so i hid be hined a bin . …it reminded me of a time when… cwc got haked. so he ran and he tock of the mask of so he shod him on camrer he seed to him selth i hav to riskit  but he cudont  because he  codnt he was to scerd so he wet for it but beth he no it he got cort so he tok him toan evol bas to be continyoud …chapter 2 is coming.

ollie and benedict.

are gaming

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Are topik is digucol gaming my game was  clash of  clans go to the  the  towns whith your tropes    you dont get metireols

and you get mol towns you getcoyns andyou  get an up grad we mad ipads  and put them on the woll we made a game  on  skrach 2  arr gams cared on intil  monday and we started on monday mr benit took pichers of us

Digital Gamers

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This term we’ re  leaning about digital gamers. It’s been gate so far and we’ve done lots  of scrach  projects. The  first  week in we got to bring  any small  gameing things.It was really fun and I really enjoied it.That Thursday    Mr Bennet told us to write about our favorite games mine was a horse riding game. Are first scrach project was a game were a shark   has to eat the fish and avoid the crab.Now we are creating own scrach  game.

Digital TOPIC!

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Entry point!

For our entry we got to bring in hand held things to play on but halfway through Mr-B spoiled our fun by showing us old-old-old computers and older things but soon the hook fell deeper (By that I mean the no fun (Kind of) was turned into fun!) we got to play again.!.

Scratch projects!

Reported back we finished scratch projects it’s were you as a shark eats fish and octopus try’s to kill you! (I’m not giving you the codes) and now we got to make our own project my project is about a pokemon we are going to make it soon in scratch!

End up!

Yay, the report finished and we do not know what to come so… (I don’t have a idea Okay!) So this report is not so bad but still… (I HAVE NO IDEA!)

by Alice and Heath.

(Okay we have no idea!)


digtal gamers

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Our topic is digtal gamers. We make scratch projects and go on laptops and crombooks alot.

We do lots of digtal things. I think this topic is one of the best topics . On wednesday we brought our devices in for our topic.

digital gamers

October 9th, 2018 | Posted by Wesley in Learning - (2 Comments)

this term at school our topic has been digital gamers . we have made scratch prodjects , hour of code and brought our devices in to play games at school  . First of all we brought our phones, nintendos and tablets into the class which was really fun . Then we made a scratch project all about a shark trying to eat some fishes but you need to watch out for the poisonous crabs! our topic has been really fun since we got back from the summer holidays but we still have a bit more to learn about  digital gamers yet and it will be a lot more fun htan what we have already!

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