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WALT- use adverbs and time openers                                                   11.12,18



                                            How to invent an invisible dog


You will need

An idea for the breed of dog

A name for the dog

Confidence you can look after an invisible dog

To believe that your invisible dog is real




  1. First, you will need to have an idea of what breed your invisible dog will be, read books about dogs and get some inspiration for choosing.
  1. Next, you will need to think up of a name for your pooch, think of what the     

         breed looks like (e.c.t if it is white then maybe snowy or silky).


   3.Then,Imagine you have bought some equipment for you dog and the dog itself      

       With the equipment


  1. Finally, To make a place for your puppy or dog to sleep such as a few blankets          on your bedroom floor or treat you dog and let him/her sleep on your bed.


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Live Blog Descriptive Writing

Cookie Making

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This week we have been writing instructions. Today we have designed and made our own cookies! Thank you Mrs Wyartt!

How many adverbs can you think of?

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How many ways can you make 32?

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The Derelict house

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“Tag” Samuel yelled as he grabbed the corner of George’s shirt. The two boys had been playing tag around the street with Micheal and George’s younger sister, who had insisted in playing, for nearly 20 minutes and the group of enthusiastic runners were running out of breath. “Why don’t we have a break and go and sit on that bench in front of the big house thingamajig, the gates are open and there are people looking at the bug hotel over there”Suggested George’s younger sister Poppy. The group, good as poppy’s word, collapsed down on the old, splintery wooden bench. They had been there for quite a while until Samuel sat bolt up right and stared at the house church thing. “Dude, is it just my eyes or is that house coming closer to us by the second”He said in a worried expression. The other three followed his gaze and saw exactly what Samuel had explained.The house’s doors were opening as if the house was trying to swallow the children inside it’s perimeter. Now, that is exactly what it did and the four children got gobbled up and were never seen again.

The End!!(Maybe continued)


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