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One day i came past a family of robots they were talking about going to space and they are going to get rid of it . The robots saw me spying on them so they went away . the next day i saw them again but they said they went on the moon and got rid of it . I was confused about how little things can beat big things . I went to bed and the robots were in my house and stealing my food . they were wearing black socks and a black hats . I went down and all my food was gone i was hungry as well.

Blib, Blab & Blob

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Once there was a couple named Blib and Blab.  Blab had just had a baby called Blob.  The family was very chatty load of relatives.  They always talk about their abnormal names and weather they wanted to change them.  Blob’s best friends from school were Macy and Nick and they always came round to his for tea.  Jenny the wren was his second best friend after Macy and Nick.   He and his talkative family were always happy when someone started a conversation and loved talking (a bit like me).  They never new when to stop talking. They found talking very fun indeed…

the family that got turned to stone!

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There was once a posh cafe in Sidmouth. There were statues of cats outside to display it. Sadly, nobody knew that there was an evil ,wicked witch! One day the wicked witch was lurking around the cafe there was a small family just coming out of the cafe. Suddenly, a broomstick flew past them it turned out to be Ethel Hallow a young evil witch. But with a movement from her hand the family turned into stone! Ethal laughed her head off and flew off at full speed ready to play a prank on someone else. Everyone stared until Mildred Hubble came and turnsd them back.

the book

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sixty years ago there was a family who was on holiday when they were in the shop buying gifts for there nanny and auntie and uncle they brought there friend a rubber and a stick of rock and her grandpa a packet of fudge when they  tried the rubber that they got friend then suddenly boom there went a massive cloud of smoke bang went the magic oh no went every one around them what are they saying said a girl called harry it was all a secret well i really  don`t now what happened to them the end that i show the story goes.

stone army

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one dusky night a clatter could be herd from the tree tops! In the morning there were stone statue all over tone a boy called Alex he new something was wrong so at the dead of night he saw a stone army being made!He gasped he ran back home but he saw a red ruby he picked it up and he got a vision it said “Alex you must save your town”  “I will” suddenly he got a golden top he ran in they turned around they ran to get him but he defeated every one the golden stop went.

goblin party

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Many moons ago in a country far away there was a boy with a deep dark secret he had a mythical charm!One day he decided to go to the park and climb a tree so he did but he slipped!But a hand caught him he looked up and saw a living tree  suddenly his charm gloud a miraculous colour of gold!Suddenly his legs sped up and he ran off at a awesome pase but he stopped and turned around “are you a nice tree?” “yes” ” you’re the savior”said the tree “am I” said sam “come to my land and you can save us from the trolls” “ lets go”.They sneaked to the trees home “look it’s the goblin party you must save it”so sam sped across the trolls with his super speed and he took out one of the trolls!But one of the trolls saw him “human bean!” he yelled he took out all of them and won back there home!

The kittens and the tree

January 25th, 2018 | Posted by Daisy in Learning - (3 Comments)

One day there was a girl called Sara and her cat called Oreo. She was 10 this year she was going to have kittens some day soon. If she had 3 she would call them baby Oreo, Jamie, Dodger because Sara wanted them to be all biscuit names.

SHE SHE SHE just had her 3 kittens know I will give Oreo, baby Oreo, Jamie and Dodger a walk round by the big tree. Every one says the big tree has got a face but I’ve never seen it happen before.

1 week later when I went to see the big tree I just sore his face and he said ”WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE MY FRIEND” I said yes and I will show you my kittens and cat ”HOW MANY KITTENS AND CATS DO YOU HAVE” I have 1 cat and 3 kittens. ”AM I ALOWED TO SEE THEM” I am sorry they are outsid” OK” sorry sorry ”THATS OK”

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