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There are lots of consoles.

My favorite bit was when we brought our consoles in i brought in my computer.

First we wrote all of the things we knew.Then we wrote questions which we would like to answer.

In our topic we made a game on scratch where there is a shark that  eats fish  and if you touch the crab you lose a point.

For our entry point we all brought in our different devices  and played lots of  games.After that we

reviewed them. We think the most popular game in our class is minecraft !

Once upon a time there were two best friends called Millie and Ella. Surprisingly, they both liked climbing even if Millie was a bit scared! One sunny Saturday, Millie and Ella had a play date to the rock climbing centure there were a LOT of walls to climb up and when you had rung the red bell at the top you could swing down on your harness. Not only did they like climbing Millie liked ballet and gymnastices and Ella liked to sing. The rock climbing centure was not a challenge we were in for a BIG challenge. Years past and now we are both grown up. Excited, we had made a climbing buisness lots of people has joined. We are now climbing Mount Everist we have reached the top it reminded me of a time when we had our play date said Ella “yes” said Millie.

digital gamers: coding

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In our topic we’v been doing reviews, designing scratch characters , following scratch instructions, macing are own game and bringing are own machines in for our entry our reviews I did a review about scratch. On my scratch character design I designed a space cat. On our instructions we had to mace a shark game which you can visit on scratch 2, file, save as, this PC, student share ,Lotus ,pick one but don’t change.

Need for Speed

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One night in the south of America I was driving my Lamborghini Aventerdor and it reminded me of a time when,. I was riding my bike to get to the place were I work and a really nice car went past me and I noticed it was a Lamborghini sesto go past me doing 120 mph ! I got really exited but i had to get to work so I rode my bike really fast as if I was in the car and I went so fast that my wheels fell off  and I tumbled off my bike as I went into the lake . I was fired because I was really late !


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I went to the beach however, I only was swimming in the sea for 10 minutes.

I dance ballet with my heart because ballet dancing is important  to me.

I love different animals although some animals I am scared of.

I am a very tidy person despite this me and my sister’s bedroom is very messy.


Cool Conectives

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Me and my sister love playing together however we some times fall out.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I like animals but I hate bats.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    My friend from birmingham loves to act and so does my friend Millie.

Cool Conectives

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Hi yes i’m back only to do 4 sentences with a diffrent conectives in them so here we go….

Emma slept in so late that day and when she woke up it was 12:0 clock in the afternoon!

Jack went to the store and picked out 20 diffrent types of chocolet but the price was £78.

Charlie wanted to go out in the rain so he snuck out to play in the rain with his friends.

Lily got her mail then Geff came and took it lily followed he ate it.

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