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One day jo went for a walk in the woods.Then  he sees a bft and starts vto talk to him and made freinds .He told jo he needed a berry ,a banana and a peach.Jo went home and got a peach and a banana.The next day he came back and gave it to him,he ate it greedily.

He went home and got a berry and the bft  was back on his feet.He lead the boy to his jhome and made him a hot coco.

He sent the little boy home and told his mum about his fun adventure.


the end

the tree die chapter three

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that day a lumberjack came to the lynx and bobcat home and cut down the tree so the they had no where to live  so they went to a abandoned raccoon nest and life there and then a man walked along and he took them home  and fed them when the babies grow up they went out to get food .

the fox chapter four

when they went hunting they all worked as a team they came across a fox they teamed up on it but did not kill it because it had babies they gave it some food to eat the end !!!!!!!!!!!

The Magic Adventer

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Once there was a girl called Amy.She lived in a log cabin with her big sister.They ate berries ,herbs and fruit that they grew.One day her sister went out and Amy followed her.Then they got to a rock and her sister moved it easly to reveal a hole!Amy’s sister threw a rope and slid down.

the red snake

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one day there was a  snake called  red  bob . red bob fell in a hole ant red bob lade  on a pill of strew .  his hen was with  him . before red bob walked of he sracked his head and thought . i will go and explore this place .   suddenly he saw a dog and a cast fighting .  red bob tried to get them to stop it . they were fighting over a pece of fish because they both like it so much they have to fight . he found a clock

A Fun Time

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One day, snake and clock were walking to the red doughnut shop to get two of the largest doughnuts in the shop.  Then, each holding a doughnut in a bag, they cycled home.  Before they knew it they were at Snake’s house.  They each nibbled at the doughnuts they were clutching.  The next day, Sofa and Cup came over for a sleepover along with Clock and the new girl cupboard who had started at school.  Then they had a massive pillow fight before bed.  At midnight, Sofa and Cup went and took some food from the kitchen.  It was so much fun for them all that night…

the red sky

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up in the sky it may not be what it seams the sky could be red snakes could go any were they like clock could be upside down the animals can speak people run a hundred miles a hour posters say the same thing every one says there own language how do we now OH NO there is a earth quake  look it has stopped who are you l am from the sky you made the sky up you made me up and you made the red sky up before  i take you to my home i need to ask you who do you want to bring……

The vampire snake

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one day a girl called rose and she  went to the zoo to see all the animals she looks up in books.She saw red snake , a gorilla  , a monkey and a giraffe.when she went home she  cycled back to her house but she went into her room looked at the clock.“oh no”!”I’v got to get to my party”!She went to the car but before she went to get the present.When she arrived she had lots of fun.

The clock went so I went home.When I got home I opened all my presents and I got every thing I wanted so I had very good day.

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