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November 9th, 2018 | Posted by Rosalyn in Learning


ben: Hi .

ros: hi ben .

(on a mowbiy  fown ben cold ros.)

ros: i’m  in  space on the moon !

ben: i wish i was in  space it  is pritty ,carm and  fun!

(5 minets a go the spaship landed on the moon)

Ros: ben i fand a alen shood i post it  to you .

ben: yes plees ros  .

ben : have you posted it all reddy.

ros: yes.

ben: haw did i ges .

Ros: because it is ther .

ben: it is a saying.

ros:ow sorry.

ben:that is ow k .

ros :whots 10 ad 10

ben : 20

ros 20 ad 20

ben : 40

ros:  i am 8

ben : i am 122222

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