November 9th, 2018 | Posted by Theo in Learning

one day there was a boy called joe and he was at the park waiting for his friends he was so happy to see his friends not at school joe was home schooled so his friends got home schooled to just to see him evry day

joe: hi jack how are you(i hope he is ok)

jack: yea i am how about you (i am bored and he has his scooter)

joe: do you want to go to the skatepark as we have are scooters(oh boy i can,t wait it is going to be so fun)

katie: hey guys how are you today(i hope they are ok on there scooters)

joe: on hi katie go get your scooter( we can have a fun time)

katie: ok i will( i need to go quickly)

jack:  i am having so much fun ( this so fun )

the end



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