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The two boys were playing football and one of the boys kicked it so high that it went into space!

Sam: Good shot he said.

Jack: Thanks said Jack.

Sam: Sam said to his dad that he needs to buy a new football he said.

Dad: He said okay i”ll buy a new one but he lied he saw were it went. He was going to space.

Sam: Sam Said thanks dad but i”ll do it tomorrow.

Sam: Sam said my dads going to get a new one tomorrow.

The next day,

Dad: Dad was going to space today!

Sam: Sam said invited Jack around to his to play some video games.

Jack: When Jack came around when Mom got back Dad had to go.

Dad: When dad got back he had a football here you go Sam said Dad.

Sam: Sam said thanks Dad he said.

Jack: Jack said lets play football.

Sam: Okay Sam said. They ran outside to play football.

Mom: Have fun guys.

Sam: Sam said okay Mom Sam said.

Jack: said i”ll be in goal he said.

Sam: Sam said okay i”ll be scriker.

Jack: Jack said okay.

Sam: Sam was coming in for a shoot so he shoots and he scores.

And thats how they got thery”e football back.






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