Polo and the, mystery of the dissapering divers.

October 16th, 2018 | Posted by Heath in Stories

Polo woke up it was 2:00 he got dressed and led on his bed until his globe coughed out a piece of the world. He stood next to his map and looked about a name flashed up saying: Bermuda. He placed it down and looked at his watch the secrete code was t-r-I-n-g-l-e. Polo walked over to his map and said “Off to Bermuda!” He looked up at the sky then down he saw a beach in front of him and a apartment behind. He guessed someone needed him. As he opened the doors a man with a beard said to polo, “Polo many of our guests have disappeared in to the north bay! Polo can you find out what happened?” Polo agreed and he set off to the beach with his gear.

He was right next to the end of the not so deep parts and jumped into the water. swimming around he saw a swirl of water in the centre of the ocean slowly so he didn’t notice he got sucked up. Soon Polo realized he was getting sucked up he couldn’t leave his life here in a underwater hurricane but if he wanted to find out what happened to the divers he must get sucked up! So reluctantly He waited for the water sucked him up into a chamber of rock around him was people like divers and he saw a door with a letter above it. it was letter V. Polo stealthily opened the door and slid into a coffin he listened closely a voice was heard “I think polo will come? Will he Ha sure he won’t yes I’m sure for I Velda is the king MWHAHAHA!” Polo recognized Velda and with his words Polo he got out and swiped out his Nyssa sword and pointed it at Velda his face turned into a smile and he opened his mouth and his teeth were launching towards Polo he broke them and Velda fell then Velda put on a ‘sad stomp’ shoe and it bashed against the floor since he forgot to turn the sucker off he got sucked into the deepest depth of the ocean and was never seen again!

Polo got back to the hotel by 2:34 and showed the bearded man the people lost. Polo saw a map in the staff room and before any compliments were made he shouted “OFF TO EGLAND.” he repapered in his bedroom and the time was 2:40 He knew he had a adventure of a lifetime!


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