Ponya goes to school

March 26th, 2019 | Posted by Megan in 100wc | Learning

Mummy Panda: Wake up Ponya it’s morning and time to wake up for breakfast.

Ponya: What time is it (In a tired voice)

Mummy Panda: It is 7:00 wake up.

Ponya: Ur WHY WHY WHY.

Mummy Panda: I’m so cross that you won’t wake up.

Ponya: Fine I’ll wake up.

Mummy Panda: Thank you.

Ponya: Just kidding.

Daddy Panda: O I will wake you up.

( Tinkles spread all over Ponya)

Panya: Arrr ha ha stopp it ha ha

Mummy Panda: WAKE UP

Ponya: Fine you got me  I’ll get up but only if I have chocolate for breakfast.

Mummy Panda: Fine but you need to promise that you will get dressed as it is late in the morning.

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