June 11th, 2019 | Posted by Eleanor in Learning

“This game is boring!” Sam shouted as he threw it on the floor of Joe’s bedroom.  Joe wasn’t impressed as he lent down to pick it up.

“I am sure it gets better in level 2”, he said, hoping for the best.  He plugged the game back into the console and it began to load.  The screen started to flicker and bang they were sucked straight into the game. Flames erupted all around them and they began to spin until Sam landed in a land of signs. One of the signs said The Veggie-verse and the other sign said DANGER OF DEATH! “HELP JOE!” yelled Sam as he started proceeding towards the veggie-verse.

Suddenly, a carrot bird materialised out of a bramble with a bean worm protruding out of it’s mouth. mysterious”  thought Sam. He found a portal and jumped through it.


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