Running away

May 26th, 2017 | Posted by Susan in Learning

I was riding in the summers sun when Suddenly cold air was all around me…
It all started when I had a bad day. A argument with my best friend, my mum sending  me to my room at 6:00 pm to go to bed and my sisters funeral after she had died in a car crash. I had wanted to go to the stables to see Rolo (my horse) however I didn’t want to get mum more upset and angry than she already was.  Days went by and my mum got more stressed and angry when one night, I overheard her talking on the phone saying she couldn’t handle me and wanted to put me in a children’s home. That was when I decided she didn’t love me therefore I would run away.
The next morning my mum looked tired and she said to me “all right Ira sweety?” I mumbled a reply under my breath however didn’t look at her and carried on eating my cereal. Soon after, my mum went to get dressed and have a shower. I grabbed my biggest backpack and stuffed it with clothes, food and everything I  would need to survive on my own. I quickly tacked up Rolo and we were of!
I didn’t know where I was going to go consequently, I went down my favourite riding path. she carried on going however, went down the path that was opposite to the way home. Slowly, I eased Rolo into a trot and we carried on down the long sandy and dusty path. I glanced at the noisey sea and I new, deep down, I would miss my house and my mum. Suddenly, tears sprang down my cheeks and I quickly made Rolo canter.
A while later, we came across a bridge. I encouraged Rolo go over the bridge but now…I wish I hadn’t. As soon as Rolo’s hoof touched the ground snow started falling, the bridge started to collapse and in shock Rolo chucked me on to the solid ground! As I woke up, I realized Rolo was still next to me. “He’s a good sport.” I thought.

I felt the cold air around me and I knew I had gone to far…

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