Seathrough people!

November 10th, 2017 | Posted by Millicent in 100wc

Once upon a time there was a night where London was super busy, Lots of people were there shopping Just then some people walked outside and saw some seathrough  people! It turned out to be ghosts!!! Then the people went over that spotted the ghosts and said “who are you?” and the ghosts said “why don’t you know?” “we know who you are.” Just then the ghosts went on causing trouble. The people then rang the police! Just then in a flash the police arrived and the people said “over there!” Then the police went over and said “your going to get chucked into prison!

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2 Responses

  • Mr Bennett says:

    I am glad the ghosts were properly dealt with Millie! Well done for using speech marks here.

  • Jackie Cameron says:

    Those were super brave people who approached the ghosts to ask who they were Millie. I certainly wouldn’t do that!
    I’m left wondering how the policemen or women would be able to handle a ghost – would their handcuffs go right through the ghosts’ wrists? Could they be maneuvered into a police van?
    Hmm. More questions than answers – just as good writing should be.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Jackie (Team 100 WC)
    New Plymouth, New Zealand

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