Stuck in a video game

April 29th, 2019 | Posted by Daisy in Homework

Sam loved playing video games.

But her favourite game was a game called forest raider. Sam was obsessed with it, she played a whopping 24 hours every day! “Sam, time to get up, your gonna be late for school” announced Mum. “No! I’m too tired leave me alone” a muffled voice came from under the covers. “Well it’ll be detention for you young lady,” warned Mum. You see Sam was home schooled and she was always sat on a plastic chair with a desk, working hard. It wasn’t the best place for Sam. All Sam wanted, was to be with her friends, Alex, Joe and his sister Jodie.

“Urgh, Okay Mum”  Sam complained. Mum nodded. “Good now hurry up “her mum replied happily. After school (or after 5 hours of learning) Sam got to do whatever she wanted. She could hang out with her friends or play on forest raider. Today Alex came over. Knock Knock. “Hello oh hi Alex are you okay? Wanna hang out? ” Sam asked. “Oh sorry I can’t hang out, I got homework and Joe and Jodie are ill today. I just came to tell you, anyways bye”. Alex quickly said. Sam closed the door and slid to the floor, deflated. Sam sighed sadly. “They’re always busy anyways but I can look on the bright side, at least I can play forest raider” Sam muttered to herself. Five hours later Sam was still playing, suddenly a goblin grabbed her and pulled her in. “Ahhhhh!” Sam cried. When she woke up she was in a strange world but she recognised it. She was in FOREST Raider!! 

To make a very very VERY long story short, Sam was kidnapped by tiny little gobblins and nearly thrown into the fiery sacrife volcano! However a tiny forest woman saved her and they lived happily ever after as shopkeepers that sell ultra rare items.

One day Alex, Joe and Jodie  were all playing forest raider and they spotted Sam in the game.

Dun dun dun DUNNNNNNN!!!

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