thanos’ day off

April 29th, 2019 | Posted by Charlie Sm in Learning

“ohhhh!” Thanos said as he walked into a lost castle he mooched into the castle’s turret “no body to disturb-” he said as he was disturbed bye a squeaky voice “hello thanos he he he he he he!” he squeaked. Thanos frowned. And he spoke again “oh Thanos we can be friends right!” Thanos raised the infinity gauntlet and smacked him into a cupboard “we can still be buds right?” he squeaked from the cupboard. “grrrrrrr!” Thanos shrieked this guy was driving him nuts. So he ran back to his hidden base and continued the fight so if you never see Thanos on holiday you know why!

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  • gary smith says:

    I love the idea of Thanos mooching around Charlie, great use of that word!
    It sounds like Thanos needs another holiday to get over that one!

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