The adventure

March 20th, 2017 | Posted by Janko in Learning

One day john and Jane was going to buy someone a present they gone to a building and found a stranger he sold a soda box for 30p and it didn’t have soda in. So they opened it and found some strange stuff however it had sand in unusual. When they got home they opened it once again and found a bandaged doll cat it was stone. Then they read a letter underneath it. When they said the words suddenly, the cats eyes where glowing green and said where am i. Suddenly he teleport ed Jane and john to ancient Egyptians times and he teleport ed to a pharaoh’s castle. He said to Jane and john go to the king and say where to work so they did what he said so they could live on and they tried to find the weird cat he was real now. When they had the cat in their sight they sor him at the pharaoh’s feet the pharaoh’s name is kinsa a weird name for us. John said to the king “please can we visit the pharaoh please”,The king nodded a great big nod then and gave them a proof pass to visit the pharaoh. When they got there the cat saw him and told the pharaoh by the way the cat could talk.What would you like”? Asked the pharaoh “we would like to see the cat” answered Jane “of course NOT” answered the pharaoh “now go back to work”.They both said “NO” “well it seems you will go to the dungeon” “fine” said Jane and acutely he has a pistol in his pocket then there was war. To be continued…

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