The Adventures With The Egyptian Cat

March 20th, 2017 | Posted by Susan in Learning

Viletta and Violet finally got home and they put the old dusty box on the table. Now at home the sisters could look at the box properly. Carefully, the opened the box and examined the old and rusty fossils. Violet picked up a beautiful long light blue necklace and put it round her neck. Suddenly, Viletta picked up something that had a old, dusty and brown cloth around it. Gently, Viletta unraveled the cloth and saw a dusty old Egyptian wooden cat. “Wow!” said Violet, finally taking her eyes of the light blue necklace and looking at the cat. “Hey look there’s a letter! Do read it out loud!” Violet encouraged. “From the light of god and gift of my heart I allow you to use you lips to scream or shout. At the count of three you shall speak!” Viletta read clearly. “Now what?” she asked.   “Count to three you numpty!” yelled Violet getting impatient. “OK! 1,2,3!…”

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